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Although rarely visited, there are several National parks and reserves. Some of the most popular reserves in Banco National Park, Comoe NationalPark, Tai National Park  and Marahoue National park. Other national parks in Ivory Coast include;

Banco National Park

Banco National park is located in the district of Attecoube in the capital Abidjan along the highway to northern Cite d’ivorie.  The park covers more than 30sq km of a primary rainforest, savannah grasslands and rare woodland species like Mahogany and avodires among others.

Assangny National Park

Assangny National Park is found along the coast of Cote d’ivoire near the city of Grand Lahoue. This coastal park occupies an estimated 19400 square kilometers and was gazetted as national park in January 1981

Mont Peko National Park

This national park is found in western part of Ivory Coast and is particularly identified with several species of primates. The park is home to a large population of chimpanzees living in the forest on the banks of river Sassandra. More than 400 chimps were recorded in the park

Mont Sangbe National Park

This park is one of the oldest in western Arica gazetted as a national park in 1975. It is located on the slopes of Mont du Toura stretching to the western end of Sassandra river.  A total of 950 square klilometres is occupied by this Cote d’ivoire national park

There are an estimated 260 chimpanzees living in the forest habitat along the banks of Sassandra. The forest is a good place to find the best of Ivory Coast’s birds such as kingfisher, flycatcher and others.  the best time to visit the park of the different birds is during  the rainy season of July to August.

Mount Nimba Strict Nature Reserve

This nature reserve is often referred to as one of Cote d’ivoire’s national parks and reserves. The UNESCO World Heritage site stretches to the borders of Guinea and covers 69 square kilometers . Some of the animals in the park include duikers, civets, leopard, chimpanzees, dwarf African otter shrew and others.

 Mount Sangb National Park

: Found in the north of Man in the west of Sassandra River, 9.500 acres with 14 summits more than 1 000m above the sea. It’s especially dense and covered by wonderful fauna,.

Eotis Islands National park

: This Côte d’Ivoire park ocupies 500 acres right in the Abi steppe in the west of Assinie, an area of great historical and archaeological value.

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