Significantly known as the most crucial spots for diversity of animals and plants throughout Kenya; animal numbers in the Laikipia region and also Ewaso eco-system presently rank next with the renowned Maasai Mara ecosystem, although the diversity of large mammals is more than in all other part in Kenya.
The Ewaso eco-system hosts the second biggest herd of elephant around Kenya (5,400 of them) at the same time the region hosts the greatest numbers of extinct game in the country. Laikipia supports 7 closely secured rhino sanctuaries, which collectively host over half of Kenya’s black rhino populace.
Laikipia features a unique combination of dry and cooler weather, climatic gradients being prompted by the Mount Kenya along with the Aberdare ranges. There is certainly remarkable variation in rainfall amounts from every year.
Wildlife - The selection of large mammals is without a doubt higher than for any other area with elephant, rhino, Grevy’s zebra, reticulated giraffe, Lelwel hartebeest, wild dog and large numbers of many other significant predators.
Routines - Wildlife associated routines (nighttime and daytime), walking, hiking, fishing, climbing, mountain biking, camel and horseback riding and fly camping.
Access by road from Nairobi, Samburu and Nakuru. Using air travel - Nanyuki airfield will be the centre for booked and charter flights connecting Laikipia and places such as Samburu along with the Masai Mara. Most travel and leisure amenities in the area own exclusive airfields designed for charter flights.
Places to stay - The ranches plus sanctuaries offer an interesting range of overnight accommodation to fit all person tastes and interests. These range from special private camps, guesthouses, homestays plus luxury tented camps.

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