Majete Game Reserve

Majete Wildlife reserve lies in the lush forested south western part of Malawi away from the town of Blantyre. On the western part of the 96sq Kilometer Park is Shire River that meanders through the low lying hills covered in brachystegia woodlands and sparse riparian forests on Shire river.


The management of the park has changed hands several times and the new management-African Parks Network that was established in 2003 has made tremendous efforts in conservation of the reserve and thus reintroduced the extinct species such as the black rhinos.

There are an estimated 4000 mammals living in the electric fenced reserve and these include elephants, waterbuck, buffalo, sable antelope, zebra, eland, Nyala, kudu, hartebeest, hippo, warthog and impala.

There are further plans to re introduce the big cats such as lion, cheetah and leopard in to the reserve’s wildlife habitat.

Kapichira Falls is located within the reserve and is one of the tourist attractions in the reserve besides the wildlife. It located near the park entrance and is the first thing you’ll see in Majete Wildlife reserve.

Getting there

The reserve is 70m from Blantyre off the M1 road in the lower Shire Valley region of Malawi

This Reserve is off the main M1 road, seventy miles south of Blantyre, in the Lower Shire Valley.


There is a campsite within the park Thawale camp located near the waterhole. The camp is built with luxury facilities-bathroom, and grass thatched chalets that can accommodate 12 people. Majete community camp offers overnight and self catering options for tourists.

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