Bush Trucker Tours

Cheetah hunt 5.jpg
Cheetah hunt 5.jpg
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20 lions around our car and not 20 cars around 1 lion. With our long experience in East Africa we can show you the best. We take you closer to nature without destroying or disturbing animals.
Sleep under canvas, in a lodge or at a luxury tented camp. Travel in Landcruisers, Landrovers, Minibus, plane or helicopter.
Observe mammals, birds, reptiles with the specialists!
Hike one of the East African mountains with skilled mountaineers
Trek to gorillas, chimpanzees, golden monkeys, live with Maasai
watch wildlife from horse back
Explore Lake Turkana

Cheetah hunt 5.jpg 12 months ago
Crossing 3.jpg 12 months ago
Crossing.jpg 12 months ago
gnus zebras.jpg 12 months ago
Black Chested Snake Eagle.jpg 12 months ago
Elefantenbulle 2.jpg 12 months ago
Hippos Kroki2.jpg 12 months ago
Lions.jpg 12 months ago
African mocker Swallowtail.jpg 12 months ago
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