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I Dream of Africa

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We I Dream of Africa Tours & Safaris is a professional Tour Company owned by Tanzanian Local Family with high scales in Tourism Hospitality in East Africa, based in Arusha, Tanzania! According the knowledge with long experience to the field in the National Parks as well to the Beach I Dream of Africa offering different service with unique programs according the customers interest!
I Dream of Africa offering from Nature Camping Safaris which bring clients close to Nature where they can feel the real African Nature as they can stay inside the National Park at the Campsite where is the home of the Nature with all kind of creatures surrounding the campsite! If clients are Bird watchers this is the right Safari program and the right place to be as they can be waked by different Birds sounds or songs! But as well there are other different species of animals from Big Mammals as Elephants to other animals as well as cats like lions roaring at night!

But out of Nature Camping Safaris I Dream of Africa are Tailor-Made programs for different Safari programs as Luxury Tented Safaris, Luxury Tented Lodge Safaris, Lodging Safari with different activities as Cultural Safari programs! In each safari clients book they can have a chance to visit different Cultural Village where they can learn a lot and enjoy the life style of different tribes in Tanzania as there are more than 100 different tribes in Tanzania!

I Dream of Africa Tours & Safari we prepare the program Safari according the clients budget and interest as we’re more professional and very good related with all accommodations owners!


Physical Address

I Dream of Africa Ltd

P O Box 2281

Moshi, Arusha Road,

Ricks Club,

Arusha, Tanzania



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