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A Guide to all the destinations and attractions in Africa, featuring the tour operators or safari companies to take you there. All special interest activities you can ever think of , wildlife safaris, gorilla trekking, chimpanzee, water rafting, scuba diving, balloon safaris, island beach holidays, canoeing, cruises, fishing , mountain climbing, wildebeest migration, canopy tours, African safaris for the disabled, safaris for single travelers, African photo safari, horse riding tours, camping safaris, golf tours, bungee jumping, walking safaris and african family safaris.

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Questions to Ask while choosing a Safari Company

Africa is a magical continent and the world’s remaining home to large tracts of savannah grasslands which host large mammals and other different animal species. The word Safari is a Swahili word meaning “going on a journey” and truth is travelling to Africa for a holiday is something everyone will count as one of the best journeys you will ever go on. Now whether your safari is luxury or budget, you are still going to spend an amount of money while on the safari; on things like game drives, park entry fees, car hire, accommodation, among other things. Therefore you will need a tour operator/safari company to book your safari through, hence below are some of the questions you should ask while choosing a particular company…

Is the Communication Excellent?

You wouldn’t want to be disappointed while on safari, therefore that’s why you need to book your safari through a company with excellent communication and very ready to answer and respond to every question that you have. If the company has branch offices in your country well and good, visit them and inquire from the office, if you are booking online ensure that you get quality information about it and how quick t they respond to your emails or calls. This is important to consider.

Is the company passionate about Safari Holidays?

Some tour operators in most cases employ staff who may have been on few safaris or not on any, but in this instance all you need is company with people that have explored your places of interest and have engaged in a number of activities, this means that all they have is first hand information and experience, hence help you plan your safari well.

Are you provided with Detailed Itineraries?

The finest safari operators/companies offer detailed packages inclusive of everything you would want to know, and they also make all services they offer so clear to you before you decide on when to travel. When you check on a certain company website and almost every information or description there is vague, this should be a warning to you. It is important as you read on different websites that you get detailed itineraries including all activities to be done in particular destination, this doesn’t mean you stop there, go on inquire from these companies and if you are given a detailed itinerary please consider that.

Is the company Bonded?

Ensure that the company you are interested in is bonded. If you are planning to travel to Botswana, Kenya, South Africa or any other Safari destination ensure that the company you are to use in any of these countries is bonded. Bonding such as Africa Tour Operators, Kenya Association of Tour Operators among others. It is important to get a bonded company because when they are members of such associations, it shows that they always consider their customers first and hence ensuring the customers’ money is safe.

Which Kinds of Safaris does the Company Offer?

Safaris are different and not equal, because they vary ranging from simple excursions, to camping, to luxury lodges. This is important because all you need is a company that sales various kinds of safaris not relying on one product– this allows you to have a variety of options to choose from. Most safaris offered include; family safaris, off the beaten trips, adventure safaris, luxury safaris, group safaris, the big five safari, self-drive safaris among others.

Is Responsible/Sustainable Tourism considered?

It is important that as you look for a company, consider one that is engaged in Sustainable Tourism. This is in a way that most companies give back to local communities through respecting the environment and their society plus conserving natural resources and minimizing the carbon footprint and pollution

For how long has the safari company been Operating?

Lastly, ensure you find out how long the safari company has been in existence and operation. This is important because all you need is a company with great record of offering excellent safaris to its customers, you can look through the reviews. Also the time (years) it has been in operation is a good indicator that it can be trusted.

Most Visited Destinations In Africa

Zanzibar Okavango Delta Bale Mountains National Park Simien Mountains National Park Victoria Falls Masai Mara Etosha National Park Volcanoes National Park Kruger National Park Ngorongoro Crater Nyerere National Park Serengeti National Park Bwindi Forest National Park Murchison Falls National Park South Luangwa National Park

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