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If you ever come on an

African wildlife safari

and you never see the famous

African lions

, then you seriously need to redo your safari itinerary. The lion is the

King of the Jungle

in Africa and has reigned in colonies called prides in the southern Sahara and in wild savannahs in East and Southern Africa. The beastly creatures are nocturnal predator and play a major role in maintaining wildlife eco-systems throughout their habitats.

Many other small predator and birds like vultures take the spoils of killings done by the fearsome Lions. Lions have sharp claws and teeth, strong for limbs and strong sight which they used positively to advance towards their prey even when 10km away.

African LionThey are magnificent animals and have already been the subject of some television documentaries but looking at them on Television is not enough if you want to know these animals better. To really enjoy your visit they are facts and details you require acknowledging about African lions. The African lions habits the open thick savannah grasslands specked with few woods, rocky outcrops and trees from where they love to lounge in the mid-day heat.

Lions are the only cats that live in groups, also called prides. Just about all prides consist of three males, approximately a dozen females, and the cubs. Male cubs drop the pride if they may be older, building their very own prides or becoming a member in one other. Male African lions are distinguished with the locks of hair all-around their head, and also the lionesses would be the hunters of your pride. They may be ready to topple creatures significantly larger than themselves considering that they hunt in groups.

Lion safaris in Africa

The lion prides in east Africa are the most famous and are particularly screened in many documentaries. Kenya loin safaris are a good start with trips to Samburu game reserve and the famous Masaai Mara game park. East Africa is renowned for large migrations of lion prides thank to the migrations of other animals like wildebeest, hartebeest, zebras, and antelopes from which they get their daily prey. Visit Kenya in July during the time of the annual migration of wildebeest and you’ll savor prides of them on the banks of river Mara as they impatiently wait to devour the weak and hesitant prey crossing the river.

Serengeti national park is famous for large prides of lions of up to 16 members. Tanzania lion safaris are good in the wildlife crammed crater park of Ngorongoro from where they can prey on the many mammals in the park. Lions are sighted in the Kilimanjaro national park at the foot hills of Africa’s rooftop mountain. Check out Lake Manyara National park for its mystical tree climbing lions that can also be found in Queen Elizabeth National Park on a Uganda Lion safari tour. Lions are mainly nocturnal and are reputed to rest for about 20 hours a day in thick undergrowth, in a shady tree or near shades of rocky outcrops.

The rare white lions of Kruger National park, South Africa are something ghostly in the African wild. These lions are not common and are bred in South Africa with specifications for local inhibitors and are mostly reared in zoos.

African Lion safari tips

African lion safaris

are not only pleasurable, they are also educative but you have to strictly follow safety precautions of your lead game ranger. The rangers have been with the animals for year and surely know their behavior, how they act in the presence of humans and where they live. An African lion safaris led by expert game ranger are secure, provided you pay attention to the rules and guidelines that you are given.

Lion safari game drives

are the most interesting ways to sight lions; you’ll find many lion families in a short time. Carry you pair of binoculars and camera on the game drive for easy sighting fro a far. Do not stand up in any car or even make abrupt movements as this may irritate the lions and in defense, they’ll charge to attack. Walking out of your car is suicidal, stop if you meet the lions at close range and proceed driving slowly

You can even find these lions on the park’s track and routes resting in the roads. Understand that these lions have been born here in the wilderness or just near t by and may be familiar with the vehicles on an African lion safari game drive. The smell of petrol and exhaust fumes conceal the human odor, so feel safe the lion does not look at your vehicle being a carrier for their next meal!

In case of are on

lion safaris

by foot, do exactly as your guide says to avoid attacks and don’t make noisy that will provoke the lions to attack. African lion safaris offer you a genuine view in the lion’s habitat and ways in which they get by. Before considering booking a vacancy at a lion safari camp, very carefully examine

African lion safari

review articles to decide on the places and packages suitable for you.

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