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Taking a wildlife safari in Africa is an adventure which will certainly fascinate you and won’t easily be forgotten.

It is a great experience to take deluxe safari holidays, however they primarily cater to visitors doing short vacations of about one week and later return to their well paying jobs.

With all that said, below ate some methods that will help you save some money while on a safari in Africa, as well as the affordable ways too explore the various game sanctuaries to see the wildlife.

Note: In case you possess a private car, or you have a friend who is ready to drive you, this will largely reduce the costs. This could be challenging and for that reason I concentrated on tips that will help someone without a car.

1. Get a Group

You will normally pay for the whole vehicle (which is in most cases a van or a land cruiser, that can carry up to eight people.) if you are organizing a safari, coordinating a travel group is crucial with regards to saving on transport costs. Look around and check for other people interested in traveling to the same destinations as you.

2. Flexibility – Don’t reserve in Advance

Reserving your safari in another country through a travel agent online is the most costly way to have your safari. Have time as well as flexibility to try and workout things without making prior reservation at the very start so that way you can reduce on the costs.

3. High Season / Low Season

In Kenya, you will realize that the safari prices are significantly different during the high and the  low season. although the low season seems amazing, be careful since during that time the chances of seeing wildlife are somewhat minimal. But you can consider taking the safari close to the end of the low season just before the high season starts.

4. Visit the National Parks that are near

In case you are in Nairobi, consider visiting Nairobi National Park, situated not far away the capital Nairobi. It is a nice place to enjoy views of different wildlife and it won’t require you to drive far or even spend a night in the park.

5. Park Entrance Fees are paid for each Day

Because the pay entrance fees are paid per day, endeavor to make the most of that day you visit. Drive around the park for as long as you can, particularly during the peak months to see the different animals in the early mornings and the late afternoon.

6. Don’t stay inside of the Park

Look for accommodation on the outskirts of the national park. Normally the hotel and camp prices within the park are really high. More to that, you will also have to pay a minimum of two days park entrance fees. You will find more affordable accommodation options on the outside of the park gates.

7. Go Camping

A number of the national parks offer alternatives of being accommodated in tented camps or many allow you to set put up your own tent. This may save some money since most of the hotels are pretty expensive. Actually it’s a great adventure Camping during your stay in Africa

8. Eat At the Driver’s Canteen

The Safari driver’s as well as the hotel staff have to eat as well, and they do not dine on the pricey menu that offers Western foods plus snacks. Move around the hotel premises and you will certainly find some nice local food offered at the local prices (normally at the workers’ quarters)

9. Carry Your Own Food and Drinks

Food plus drinks are items that are usually overpriced since they are requirements and there aren’t so many options in a National Park. A number of safari packages will definitely include food, however a nice way to save cash is through carrying your own.

10. Hire a Matatu in Kenya) or a Dalla Dalla in Tanzania

Those public buses which traverse the streets bumping unbearable tunes could be agreeable to take you for your safari! Find out how much a tour company would charge, and with their rate in mind, you could request a friend to talk to the bus / van driver.

Note: keep in mind that this is better applicable to national parks found near such as Nairobi National Park If you are in the capital Nairobi.

11. Less Famous National Park charge Less

Whoever is interested in visiting the renowned Maasai Mara, Ngorongoro Crater or even Serengeti NP, you should be prepared as these parks charge some of the highest fees. Although they are renowned for the right reasons (lrge numbers of wildlife and the wildebeest migration), you will find some other parks that present the same views of wildlife. Think about Tsavo West, Mikumui, Amboseli, Selous, Samburu, Tarangire, Meru and Ruaha National Park in Tanzania, or in Kenya Nairobi National Park in Kenya and. Make good inquiries!

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