Welcome to the complete guide for visiting Algeria, from sightseeing tours to adventure vacations, hotels, restaurants, tourist activities getting there and what to do in Algeria.

Why Visit Algeria?

Algeria toursThis is the sole country on the planet which has 1,200 kilometers of coastline on the gorgeous Mediterranean and 1.5 million square kilometers of the Sahara desert in the south. Algeria, perhaps the least visited country on the planet, is a land with a living history originating from the era of ancient Rome to the much older Numidia. In addition to that, you will find reminisces of the Islamic Algerian, Vandals, Ottoman civilizations as well as Byzantine, in this exceptional region. The nation is full of exciting surprises, stunning beauty plus very welcoming people. Most westerners never ever consider visiting this section of North Africa; however a trip to Algeria will be a very memorable experience.


What to see on a Tour in Algeria?

Algeria is a huge country presenting tourists many attractions plus activities. Algiers which is The capital city has a very rich history and ruins found at Timgad, Djemila as well as Tipasa are intriguing to see. The Most important attractions within Algeria include the Local Art Museum as well as the National Museum of Fine Arts plus Bardo Ethnographic. Take a step back into its history by going to the Hauts Plateaux in which you will see the historical Tlemcen city and also the Grand Mosque – Almohad ramparts plus Masourah Fortress. We have a list of Algeria tour operators to take you to see more of this.

Traveling towards the impressive Sahara uncovers an entirely new world of tourist attractions within Algeria. The holy city of Beni-Isguen, having properly guarded gates and the auction market, all are worth visiting during your holiday. Ouargla, often referred to as ‘the golden key into the desert’, is a charming town with a malekite minaret, beautiful architecture as well as the market square. Natural attractions within Algeria as well are plentiful with Kabylia plus the Chiffa Gorges. Enjoy the beauty of the ocean down the Turquoise coast or at the Sidi Fredj peninsula.


With a lot to see and enjoy in this historical and beautiful country, visitors will find themselves finding it very hard to select which attractions they mainly are interested in seeing. In case this is the situation with you, then begin by first selecting the precise attractions you mostly wish to enjoy. After that you can select the 3 attractions in that category which most interest you. Then you can spend the rest of the time of your holiday visiting the other attractions you like, certain about the fact that at least you have visited the most fascinating attractions within Algeria. This amazing country definitely has something for each and everyone, therefore visit Algeria before long.

 Which Tour Company or Tour Operator in Algeria?

Algeria is one of the top ranked tourist destinations in north western Africa and has for long been hosting several visitors arriving from various countries to spend their holidays here.

The country has a large number of safari / tour companies dedicated to organizing wonderful tours throughout the country, giving visitors an impressive experience. Don’t neglect to confirm that the company you’re planning to use is indexed with the Algeria tour operator agencies.

Where to Stay on a Algeria Tour, Hotels and Lodges?

Hotels in Algeria are star rated from the contemporary 5-star to the tourist class (2nd and 1st star), however places to reside tends to be minimal and highly-priced, particularly the top notch hotels. In addition there are a number of youth hostels across the country as well as camping is generally free on the beaches and very common land, although it is always recommended to first ask for permission.

When to Go on a Tour in Algeria?

The northern area of the country features a Mediterranean climate comprised of hot dry summers plus moderate, humid winters. Then the Saharan region features a desert climate with substantial temperature differences between the day and the night (45°C in the day and 5°C through the night) with places where rain doesn’t fall for years at a time, even at times for decades.

Going to the Sahara is actually better during wintertime, when possible just before April as the heat begins to be overbearing. The coastline of Algeria is best to explore whenever you want because of the mild temperatures in the winter and favorable temperatures during summer.

Are the people of Algeria Friendly?

Algerians are popular for their kindness and hospitality. This name Algeria comes from the name of the most ancient continuous settlement as well as modern capital of the country, Algiers, a well located port-city with access to Europe as well as the Middle East. The majority of the population here lives in the north. Although most of the population that are Arab (or combined Arabs and Berbers) understand the standard Algerian culture, the tribe of the Berber especially in the more cut off southern mountainous areas and desert areas, hold on to more of the native Berber culture plus identity.

What is the Weather like in Algeria?

Algeria is more than 80 % desert and for that reason it mostly has a dry desert climate. Even so, the Atlas Mountains together with the northern Mediterranean coast produce huge regional variation in weather conditions. The coastal area experiences a warm Mediterranean climate. moving South of this region, the conditions become more and more dry with more severe temperatures, interspersed with the cooler and wetter mountains. The rain in Algeria falls virtually throughout in the winter season which starts in October to April, and a number of places hardly ever receive rainfall at all.

Although the northern Algeria coast along the Mediterranean Sea gets alluring weather nearly throughout the year with a lot of heat, excellent sunshine, minimal humidity as well as less rainfall, this doesn’t make it a perfect holiday destination for an average holidaymaker. The difficult recent past of the country including the battle for independence from the French in the 1950’s plus a ferocious civil war during the 90’s, implies that even today it’s in a condition of civil unrest. In 1992, A state of emergency was announced and up to now this is still in place. Prevalent poverty plus unemployment, in addition to what Amnesty International refers to as ‘institutionalized’ violation of human rights plus a sequence of terrorist attacks, are among the less appealing features of Algeria.

 What Tourist Attractions to See in Algeria | Places to Visit

Although Algeria today ranks among the least developed countries basing on tourist attractions, the country nevertheless has a diversity of offer its visitors. It has lavish botanical gardens plus palaces within Algeria, and pre-historic art curved from rocks among many others.  For the more adventurous, they can travel through the old towns and the desert religions.

The Basilica of AlgiersThe Basilica of Algiers (Notre Dame d’Afrique)

This Roman Catholic Basilica or church was constructed on the top of a cliff on Bay of Algiers and overlooks the entire bay. It stands on 125 kilometers above sea level. The church was constructed in the nineteenth century. A French mass is said every day although most of the tourists visit majorly to view the outstanding architecture and the breathtaking views. Entrance to this site is very free. Another renowned Basilica in Algeria is the Basilique Saint Augustin.


Ben Aknoun Zoo

In the southwestern part of the Algiers lies the zoological garden of Ben Aknoun Zoo which is a popular and well toured destination. This ancient Zoo is a haven to various animals species among which are tigers, camels, crocodiles, African Elephants and monkeys. The place also has restaurants, picnic area and hotels to cater for visitors. This place is accessible to the public all through the week at no entrance charge.


Uniquely, this country holds several of the world’s heritage sites among which is the captivating Tipaza town. This town that was long ago a military colony for the Romans today stands in some amazing ruins. Standing among palms and various trees lays the amphitheatres, the Roman bath and the basilica. Entrance to this place is very free and it is open every day of the week to the public.

Tassili n’ Ajjer

The Tassili n’Ajjer or the Plateau of Rivers is a renowned world heritage mountain range site that consists of a collection of ancient cave paintings. It holds over 15000 forms of artwork which gives an over view of the natives that once occupied the Djanet area in Algeria. Furthermore, the surrounding terrain is comprised of geographically appealing features such rocky pillars that resemble a “forest of trees” this site can be accessed daily at no charge.


Several people have traveled Algeria to enjoy the wonderful warm sunnyAlgeria-Beaches weather and the stunning Mediterranean coastline along the northern part if the country. The renowned beaches adjacent to Algiers plus the numerous beaches approximately to Oran region all offer Algeria’s visitor quite a wonderful experience to unwind and cool under the calm breeze. Some of the common beaches include Ain El Turk, Mostaganem and the Canastel.

Jardin d’Essai du Hamma (Algiers Botanical Gardens)

These Botanical Gardens where recently reopened following a long period of closure during which renovation was taking place, where established back in the year 1832. They stand as the oldest in the country are divided into three major areas: the English Gardens, the Zoo and the French gardens. They offer a variety of both plants and animals together with educative information available at the visitors’ center. Today the gardens have wonderful restaurants that offer good cuisines.

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