Belezma National Park

Belezma National is located in northern Algeria on the foot slopes of the Belezma Mountains. The park is area is estimated at 262sq km. The park also has more than 440 species of flora, many of which are endemic to the area besides a record of more than 300 species of game and wild birds.

Wildlife in Belezma National Park

There are several animals in Belezma National Park but the some popular species of game include the Gazelles, Atlas Barbary sheep, serval, wild cats and many others. Many of the species of wild animals in the park are considered endangered species. Cuizer’s Gazelle and the Dorcas Gazelles are endangered species in Belezma acknowledged to be found only in this part of North Africa. The Barbary sheep are a dry weather endemic goat species which often feeds in trees and often classified as an illusive species.

Game viewing is an experience to look forward to in Belezma Algeria National Park especially if you are on the hunt for the dry weather endemic species of Algeria.

How To Get To Belezma

Belezma National Park is just 25 kilometers north-west of Batna town in the north eastern region of Algeria. There are buses, car hire and shuttles for tourists to Batna town. Private car hire in Algeria is best suited for travel and Algeria tours to this national park.

The weather is quite cool and dry most of the year, making it a suitable place to visit all through the year.



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