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Mention Chrea National park and nay body will reflect automatically to the beauty of many of Algeria’s birds. Chrea National Park is from north western Algeria in Blida province.

The park is mainly comprised of undulating rugged hills and mountains of the Blidean atlas that stretch from the Tell Atlas mountain ranges of northern Algeria.  The Tell Atlas is basically renowned for the grotto of Chiffa besides its splendid glaciated foot hills and snow skiing adventures…it is the best place to go snow skiing in Africa.

Other features of this Algerian National park include the Atlas cedar forests, abundant flora, fauna and so much more. Besides the cedar forest, there are also cork oak trees, holm oak, pine and more than 1100 different species of plants growing as forest undergrowth and on the rugged mountain slopes. This park and the entire Bildean region make a water catchment for surrounding towns like Algiers, Medea and Blida. An estimated 36,985ha of land are occupied by the park and the bio-sphere reserve.


Chrea national park is one of the smallest protected areas and national parks in Algeria the boasts plenty of unique flora and fauna. There are a few primates in the Altas Cedar forest such as the Barbary Macaque. This part of Africa is one of the few places where the Barbary primates an old world primate species survives in an unspoilt habitat. The Barbary Macaque is listed on the IUCN Red List of endangered species. The park has thus been classified as a UNESCO Bio-sphere.


The national park is located 50km from the capital Algiers. It can be reached on road from the airport in Algiers. There are airport shuttles and car hire for Chrea Algeria tours.

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