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This Algerian park is also found in Northern Algeria, a few miles from the coast. The Djurdjura Mountains are a significant sight in the park from which the park got its name. It occupies and estimated 82.5 square kilometers established in July 1983. To the south, the park pushes it borders into the province of Bouira and for the north into Tizi Ouiziu.

Djurdjura Mountains

There are however several legends that are attached to the Djurdjura mountains and how they came to be named. In Kabyle, the mountains are named after the great altitude cold weather…Jejer and sometimes Jer Jer, a synonym for Mountains of Mountains. During the reign of the Romans in northern Africa, the mountains were called Montus Ferratus which translated for Iron Mountain.

One of the highest peaks on the mountain is called Grande Kabylie standing at an estimated 2, 30m above sea level. Lalla Khedidja is another towering peak on Djurdjura Mountains probably the highest of all. It is evidence that these mountains are only part of the large Tell Atlas Mountains of northern Algeria.


The dense forests, valleys and fissures create a wholesome habitat for several species of birds and animals such as the endangered Barbary Macaque.

With its many dense Atlas cedar, pine and Juniper forests, deep gorges and unusual grottoes, the park is widely considered to have some of the most beautiful scenery in Algeria. It is also home to varied flora and fauna, including the endangered Barbary Macaque. Other species of wild animals in the low altitude forests include wild boar, weasel, hare, wild cat, red fox, hyena, porcupine, mongoose, jackal and many others

Some of the birds in the park include kestrel, golden eagle, peregrine falcon, black vulture, booted eagle and long legged buzzard among many others. Birding trips are exciting adventures in Djurdjura National park.


There is accommodation at the main Djurdjura park centre at Tikdja with a few standard hotel facilities and camping options. Other accommodation options and hotels are found in Algiers which is an estimated 52miles from Djurdjura Park.

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