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Tassili Ajjer National Park

This unique reserve and national park is found in the remote desert region of south eastern Algeria protecting a unique heritage and beauty of Algeria. The park is found on Crevice plateau or the Tassili N Ajjer that extends to include the oasis of Djanet in the sahara desert, borders of Libya and into Niger.

The park actually occupies an estimated 80,000 square kilometers making it the largest national park not only in Africa but also in the whole world. The size of the park is estimated to be twice the size of Switzerland. Today it is classified as a world heritage site for several reasons besides being a UNESCO Bio-sphere.


The sand stone of the desert standing to hold several breathtaking features that blend with the lush oasis vegetation, woodlands and wildlife. The spectacular prehistoric rock formations and arches are a significant sight in the park. Since 1972, several tourists visit the park for the unique art paintings of the early shepherds that lived in the desert for more than 10, 000 years.  The impressive rock art is inscribed in eroded sandstone showing several activities of the people that lived here-predicting their rich cultural heritage, early wildlife species like hippos that once survived in the area and diversity.

Other features in the park include the mineral rich canyons, peak forests of Sahara mytle and Cypress. There are seasonal rivers that feed the nearby oasis flowing from Tassili during the rainy season and forming dry river beds for the dry weather periods.  Fish and Shrimp survive in the rivers for the rainy seasons


The park is accessible via a few routes. The rugged terrain of 600m is a major barrier to travel and tours in Tassili National Park. Nevertheless, the best season to visit is during the winter season since the weather cool for hiking and trekking adventures. It is important to use a Burros or Tuareg guide on your private tours