Taza National Park

Taza Algeria National park is one of the smallest National parks in Algeria from the Jijel province of northern Algeria on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. An estimated area of only 370sq kilometers is covered by the park including the sandy beaches, the caves of Jijel, cliffs and grottoes among several other significant features that you shall see on Algeria tours.

Taza National Park is a rich eco-system despite its small area. It is recognized as an important birding area in Algeria and a UNESCO Bio-sphere which protects not only the birds but the wild animals as well. The park is located on the slopes of the Petite Kabylie Mountain range and the highest peak in the park is at 1,500m. The high altitude zones are covered with patches of woodlands, forests of Guerrouch and other species.


Taza National park is located 60km east of the town of Bejaia, 30km south west from the coastal town of Jijel and approximately 100km north east of the town of Setif

Attractions of Taza National Park

Like other parts of northern Algeria, the forest of Taza National Park is home to the endangered species like the Barbary apes besides particular bird species like the endangered Algerian Nuthatch and the Sitta Ledanti which is a rare sight in the park. An estimated 350 birds are recorded in the park in 1989.



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