Map of Angola

Angola is on the West coast of Southern Africa. During the times of colonialism, Angola one small nation but after November 11, 1975, it became independent and now extends over an area of 1,246,700 Km2.

Angola is bordered by Congo-Brazzaville at the Northern province of Cabinda, the Democratic Republic of Congo (former Zaïre) to the North and East, Zambia to the East, and Namibia to the South.

With a total of 4,837 Km long borderline, Angola has an Atlantic Ocean coastline of 1,650 Km long. The country’s major ports include Luanda, Lobito, and Namibe. Despite the presence of rivers and estuaries on the south west, the extreme south of the country is under desert. You’ll find this desert in areas on Namibe stretching further into the northern parts of Namibia.

The country’s highest peak is Mount Moco, 2,620 m high, located in Huambo province. With a privileged continental hydrographic system, Angola’s main rivers are Kwanza, Záire, Cunene, and Cubango.

Angola Travel tips

The main airport is located in the capital Luanda with international flights to and from Luanda Angola every week. Cheap flights to Angola are available online with a number of travel agents and websites.

Car hire and travel services available with a number of Angola safari and tour operators for transfer around Luanda and to other Angola town

Find Angola hotels & accommodation in all major towns, may located in Luanda Angola with excellent facilities and hotel rooms. There are safari lodges and inns overlooking Cuanza River with grass thatched chalets and with more eco-tourism approaches.



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