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Arusha National Park is the unique one among the game parks in the northern safari circuit of Tanzania. The park doesn’t offer the expected wildlife which is commonly seen in the other parks. Among the Big 5 species, the commonly seen are buffaloes while lions plus rhinos are nor within the park. Its uniqueness and attraction is in its breathtaking scenery as well the rare animal species. The alluring black & white colobus monkey is the flagship wildlife species.

Wildlife specials

Arusha National Park’s forest in is habitat to species that are not easily seen in other game parks in  the northern part of Tanzania, such as the black & white colobus monkeys as well as the blue monkeys. In case you are fortunate you might even see the bashful red duiker. Common of all is the smaller Kirk’s dik-dik. In addition, Giraffes are really common within the area that surrounds the Momella lakes.


Best time for game viewing in Arusha National Park

During the dry season which begins in June to the finish of October is the finest time for viewing wildlife inside the park. The animals are much easier to see since the vegetation is not thick and most of the animals gather near knowable water resources.


In spite of the tiny size of Arusha National Park, some of the commonly seen wildlife here are: giraffes, buffaloes, zebras, warthogs, the unique black-and-white colobus monkeys, the blue monkey, flamingos among many others. In addition, the African elephants together with leopards are found inside the park although they are hardly ever spotted. Arusha NP does not have any lions living there. The Birdlife inside the forest is very abundant, with several forest species much more easily spotted here than in any other areas along the tourist route – Narina Trogon as well as Bar-tailed Trogon are together possible highlights on any of the birders’ visiting, while the array of starling species offer a fairly less flashy interest.

The park is made of three different vegetation zones that serve as habitat to different species of animals that have been recorded here. Close to the water sources, you will be able to see reedbucks and waterbucks, while within the forested areas of the park you will catch sight of the bashful bushbucks plus duikers. The eco-system of Mount Meru is in particular varied, and serves as home to a couple of more hard to pn down large mammals like the hyenas plus leopards.

Giraffes gently move across the wide grassy hills, while herds of zebras are normally seen grazing, as the  wide eyed dik-diks normally in pairs  are seen dashing into the scrubby bush just as overgrown hares racing on their  spindly legs. You will begin by exploring the wooded savannah in which buffalos together with giraffes are commonly seen, as you ascend Mount Meru you will reach the forests fired with red-hot pokers as well as dripping with the Spanish moss, prior to arriving at the open heath dotted with huge lobelias. The Everlasting flowers continuously adhere to the alpine desert, while the skillfully hoofed klipspringers mark their progress with their hike. Spanning the rocky summit, Mount Kilimanjaro stands clearly, flashing in the sunrise.
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