W National Park Benin

This national park is sometimes referred to as W Niger National Park which gets its name from the meandering waters of the Niger River that forms a W shape as seen from many the satellite images.

The W Benin National park is part of the vast WAP Complex that includes Arli National Park (Burkina Faso) and Pendjari National Park in Benin. it was proclaimed a national park in August 1954  and is listed a UNESCO World Heritage Site besides being recognized and an Important Bird Area  IBA in Benin.


The park is home to several species of wildlife such as baboons, buffalo, African elephants, West African giraffe, leopard, lion, roan antelope, kob, oribi, tantalus monkey, Hippo, cheetah, caracal, aardvark, painted hunting dog (endangered), warthog, serval and other mammals

As an important birding area in Benin, W national park boasts an estimate of 300 different birds manily water birds like lesser kestrel, pallid harrier, African, swallow tailed kite, European white stork, African fish eagle, Pel’s fishing owl, Senegal Eremomela, Common Rock Thrush, white throated greenbul, Grey tit flycatcher and many others

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