Top 10 Questions Travelers Ask Before Booking An African Safari

 The most important Questions travelers ask before booking a safari

There are many important questions that travelers from all-over the country ask before finally booking a tour to any destination country. Many travelers are curious about what type of tour they are going to have once they decide to book a tour, and these are not to blame since it takes strength to trust large amounts of money to a mere tour operator to organise a safari on their behalf. However, before anyone would decide to book a tour, here are the most important questions to ask before making your final decision.


What is the entire experience of the tour like? Do you have any videos as well as photos of this particular tour?

With Tourism, we sell experience to our clients and it’s important to describe the whole associated experience of the tour package you are giving to the travellers. Always end ever to attach photos as well as videos to the tour package you are sending to the clients. This is because a picture has more meaning than a thousand words. Many visitors are attempted to book a safari by watching an online video attached to the tour, therefore it’s more advisable to add attractive safari photos as well as videos to the website.

2. How does the exact safari itinerary look like?

Writing a safari itinerary is real art where you have to be very specific as you lay out the different activities to be engaged in by the travellers. Always make the itinerary very exciting and interesting to read. This can be done mainly by describing how the experience is in the final destination instead of just out lining it out. For example, if the itinerary has an activity of gorilla trekking, end ever to describe to the client in the itinerary how it’s going to be done, the time it takes, what to expect while trekking and many other engagements. The main reason for this is, many travellers love detailed content since it brings out the whole picture of the itinerary.


3. What other travellers have commented about the same tour?

Many travellers who book with different tour operators write reviews on Trip Advisor and many other willing travellers make their final decision based on the many reviews about a tour on trip advisor or safari bookings. Always ask your past clients to write a review and testimonials about their past tour experience with your company on trip advisor or one any other marketing platforms. This will help to bring more traffic to your website.

4. How much is the tour? Does it include any hidden costs?

Always be honest with pricing the whole tour package and avoid the unknown hidden charges that might make the price to appear so high. End ever to mention all the tour inclusives as well as the exclusions to ensure that your clients get to account for their money before booking a tour with you. This kind of costing will build a degree of trust and credibility between you and the traveller.

5. Is the tour price reasonable to the traveller? Do you have any less expensive price options to give out?

Many travellers are always conscious about the prices which are given to them and they will always carry out their research to find out the exact rates of different activities. Always make sure that the rates you provide to the travellers go in line with what you are to provide to them. Avoid over costing the clients because these will always look for the lowest prices from different tour operators. Travellers always look out for options since by this they can get low rates of the same package.

6. Am I making a booking with a credible operator?

The first question in the traveller’s mind is how credible is the operator they are trying to deal with. Many of these book tours when venturing into unknown territories, they have less knowledge about both the destination and the operator.  Make sure you show the traveller how credible you are by showcasing all the credibility especially you are part of any associations or government bodies so that they can buy your trust easily.


7. Is my life at safety? What are some of the safety measures taken by the operator?

In case you are offering tour itineraries with activities including a high degree of physical risk, you have to explain the nature of the risk and the specific measures that are to be taken to ensure the safety of the travellers. You can go ahead and talk about the team’s expertise, experience, track record, and safety precautions at the facility and many more.

8. What if I want to make a cancellation of my tour? What are your cancellation and refund policies?

This is possible especially when booking a flight, a hotel or a tour, cancellations are inevitable. This calls for all the operators to always lay down all the cancellation and refund policies without ambiguity.

9. Is the tour Guide an expert to carry out the tour?

Will the travellers be able to learn from the tour guide, is he experienced enough about the different tourist destinations to be visited? Any tour guide should be flexible enough during the tour and should be position to answer any questions from the clients. The operator should also inform the traveller which type of guide will carry out the tour, whether is a local, trained historian or specialised professional guide. You should clearly explain to the traveller the language that will be used while carrying out the tour. This is important because some clients don’t understand some languages and need to be catered for a special way. In case the tour is to be given in more than one language, you might need to ask whether one language will be considered the main one for the whole tour.

10. How do I book a tour and pay for it?

This is one of the final stage in completing booking a tour, once the traveller is ready to book, the operator’s aim should be to complete the booking process. The most ideal way of doing this is to go through the automated booking process, this includes, picking a departure date, filling in the details of the tour, making online payments and then getting instant confirmation.

Make sure you make the process of confirmation as simple as possible and never tell your client to transfer money to your personal account, it should a company account for secure payments.

On top of the above questions, as a traveller, end to know which type of food is to be provided on the tour? What weather you should expect? Is this type of tour kid friendly/ handicap accessible? What about the pickup and drop off after the tour? How long is the tour? What time flame to spend in each destination? And many questions that may satisfy you as a traveller.




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