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One week of serious staff activities at the Four Seasons Resort in Seychelles matured to a climax  last weekend with activities to mark the grand anniversary of the beginning of the resort on the island of Seychelles back in February 2009.

The day started with fun, various games as well as lots of sugar, as a total of 14 children of five years from the local nearby Baie Lazare Primary School visited the resort in the morning. These kids played and also learned as they spent some time with the Little Tortoises in the clubhouse with the team of the resort as they sang, danced, and played with tortoises, and participated in marine education actions with the conservation partner – WiseOceans. Following that, wonder met these kid’s faces when they entered a room almost completely covered in candy plus chocolate. At the end of touring the chocolate room, they began working as they decorated muffins with chocolates.

In the afternoon it was time to recognize the great team of employees at the Resort. The 64 personnel that had been hired since the resort’s opening had afternoon tea, before being awarded the five -year certificates plus gift which were presented by Mr Alain St.Ange the Minister for Tourism and Culture in Seychelles, and then they took photos as they cut the cake.

Addressing his colleagues, the General Manager of the Resort Mr Alex Porteous said that it is because of the staff’s great passion and undivided dedication that this Resort has reached the success of which it prides today. He called them the trailblazers.

He continued praising them and said that they have set the standard for all their colleagues who will come after. He thanked them for welcoming their fellow new staff as well as the other guests who demonstrated to them all the Four Season Golden Rule which is to treat others as you wish to be treated.

He said that they have come a really long way ever since 6th February in 2009.

He added that through the recent years, the resort has received various awards plus recognition from several organs like Tripadvisor, Forbes as well as Conde Nast Traveller, and in only one year all these are evidence to their hard work, devotion and talent as they work.

The Minister for Tourism who was escorted by the Permanent Secretary for Tourism Anne Lafortune, to the awarding of certificates in his address said that the retaining of the staff remains an important role in the success of the resort’s management team.

One third of the entire staff at Four Seasons Resort Seychelles has been here ever since the resort was opened in 2009. These devoted employees have turned out to be the backbone of this resort and must feel extremely proud of the fact that their resort has been recognized on the top among the 4 Seasons Group. the Seychelles Tourism Board together with the Ministry of Tourism and Culture are going to continue to operate closely with this resort, just as they do with all establishments that have been licensed in tourism.

The minister encouraged them to continue being united in the overall efforts to maintain the tourism industry of this great island on the sturdy footing the industry is on. He also congratulated the 64 staff members on this fifth Resort birthday at the resort

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