Air Tanzania on Course for Resurgence

Air Tanzania Company Limited – ATCL is recuperating from deep downturn following investments to improve its fleet and raise performance.

Dr Harrison Mwakyembe the Tanzania Minister for Transport, mentioned on Monday that this airline had upgraded its services and is currently flying to Moroni, Mbeya, Bujumbura, Comoro Islands, Arusha, Zanzibar as well as Mwanza.

He mentioned that the airline might entirely recover and have the ability to remain competitive with others as soon as its debts totaling up to 133 billion shillings were cleared. The moment they clear the balance sheet of ATCL, the airline is going to fly high such that no one will stop us.

Dr. Harrison went on to say that ‘Once beaten, twice shy’. This airline owned by the state has accrued a debt of 133 billion shillings   over the couple of years as a result of embezzlement as well as poor administration.

The Transport ministry has well put together a business plan to restore this airline that, amongst others, proposes this debt ought to be absorbed by the Tanzania government to offer the airline a clear begin.

While in parliament a month ago, Dr. Mwakyembe said that properties belonging to ATCL within the country and in foreign countries can’t service this debt. The Tanzania government has by now made it public that it will obtain 6 other new aircrafts as part of its agenda to restore this airline.

These airplanes include 2 Y12E planes made in China, 2 D8 Q400 that are going to be obtained on lease-purchase basis as well as 2 Embraer jets that include an 80 seater ERJ 170 plus a 100 seater ERJ 190.

Mr. Charles Tizeba the Deputy Minister of Transport informed Parliament a week ago that these 2 D8 Q400 aircrafts that each has a carrying capacity of 78 passengers are expected to arrive in the country this very year.

He went on to say that the Embraer jets made by Brazilian aerospace – conglomerate Embraer are going to be obtained using a loan acquired from the Brazilian Development Bank.

Then the 2 Y12E planes which each has a seating capacity of 20 passengers are going to be would be purchase through a special consideration loan obtained from China’s Exim Bank.



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