New record set on Mt. Kilimanjaro

Climbing Maintain Kilimanjaro, which is the highest mountain in Africa, is among the numerous options people to the country enjoy, and the area of Moshi, which is among the beginning points, to the international airport appropriately referred to as Kilimanjaro International, a quick beginning as tourists can travel in, spend the night at a hotel on the foot of the mountain, and then start on their climb that takes about a week.

The one week climb is considered to be the basic however what takes ordinary people between 5 to 7 days, is to ascend Mountain Kilimanjaro and return down this mountain again, was lowered a week ago to only Six hours, Fifty six minutes, and Twenty four seconds by Karl Egloff a Swiss Ecuadorian that ran the distance, ascending the sheer Umbwe route and descending through the Mweka gate.

This is apparently a brand-new record and was due to a number of months of training in high altitude in the Ecuadorian Andes and also on site within Tanzania, thanks to sponsorships by Aktiv Reisen of Switzerland’s together with a local partner the Leopard Tours.

nevertheless Fitness is a significant requirement and even though porters with each hiking group carry the hefty things, people who set their views on the peak will still need to do all the walking by themselves and live on the thinner air as they climb higher. There are tour operators customized to mountain climbing organizing like trips from the town of Arusha plus Moshi, certified by the Ministry of Natural Resources & Tourism plus genuine members of the Tanzania Association of Tour Operators – TATO.

Elevation: 19,340 ft / 5,895m

Prominence: 19,308 ft / 5,885m; most outstanding mountain on the African continent.

Location: In Tanzania within East Africa

Coordinates: -3.075844 S / 37.353312 E or 03°04′33″ S / 37°21′12″ E

First Ascent: by Hans Meyer from Germany, Yoanas Kinyala Lauwo from Tanzania, as well as Ludwig Purtscheller from Austria on October 5, 1889.


The Meaning of the Mountain’s Name

The origin or even meaning of the name ‘Kilimanjaro’ remains to be unknown. It is considered to be a combination of a Swahili word Kilima, that means “mountain,” plus a KiChagga word Njaro, somewhat translated to “whiteness,” hence the name White Mountain. Then the name Kibo in in the local KiChagga language and it means “spotted” as well as refers to rocks that are observed on snowfields. Also the word ‘Uhuru’ means “freedom,” a name that was given to honor Tanzanian independence in 1961 from Great Britain.

Highest peak in Africa

Mt. Kilimanjaro, is Africa’s highest mountain and the 4th highest of the 7 Summits, is regarded as the highest freestanding mountain on the planet, soaring at 15,100 ft / 4,600m from bottom to peak. Kilimanjaro is as well the most well known mountain on the African continent.

Three Volcanic Cones

Kilimanjaro comprises of 3 distinctive volcanic cones: the Kibo at 19,340 ft / 5,895m; Mawenzi at 16,896 ft / 5,149m as well as Shira at 13,000 ft / 3,962m. The Uhuru Peak is the tallest peak on the edge of the Kibo crater.

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