Climbing Kilimanjaro For Diplomatic Relationships

To honor the 50th Anniversary of great Diplomatic relations between China and the Republic of Tanzania, a group of sixty trekkers from the two countries are now climbing Mountain. Kilimanjaro up to the Uhuru summit.

This ‘Diplomatic climb’ which will use the Marangu route, started in the middle of this week and it is led by Liu Dong China’s ambassador to Tanzania, and Charles Sanga the chairperson of Tanzania Tourist Board (TTB) of directors, who is as well the former Ambassador of Tanzania to China.

The voyage was officially flagged-off by Dr. Ibrahim Msengi the District Commissioner of Moshi, on behalf of Leonidas Gama the Kilimanjaro Regional Commissioner.

In his remarks as he flagged off this expedition he said that the authorities within the Kilimanjaro area greatly appreciate the part played by the Republic of China in the economic, political, cultural as well as social sphere within Tanzania.

He further stated that this is a historical and fundamental voyage; the diplomatic relations between Chinese and Tanzanians have been pretty so this mountain climb is going to in fact tighten these ties.  People of China and Tanzania have been very good and this climb is further going to tighten these ties.

Dr. Msengi used this opportunity to call upon the trekkers to make public Tanzania’s tourism sites back in their home country saying that the country has numerous tourist attractions which have won international acclamation so for that reason they should publicize them back in the Asian countries.
The Chinese Counselor said that the Chinese tourists were very thrilled to be a part of this historic voyage.

He added that this expedition is very important and that they are really overjoyed to be on it. This unforgettable trip will make stronger the diplomatic relationships between the two countries.
Erastus Lufungulo the Chief Park Warden of the Mt Kilimanjaro National Park (KINAPA), was hopeful that this group is going to promote Tanzania to rest of Asia.

He said that during the peak tourism season of 2006 – 07 the total number of tourists coming from China that climbed Mountain Kilimanjaro was just 46, however in 2012 – 13, this number shot up to 814 in the tourism season, and they expect more tourists after this historical trek.

Tanzania’s relations with China have a really long history, since they began many years just after Tanzania had gained independence when the father of the country Mwalimu Julius Nyerere made a tour in China in the year 1963.



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