Construction of Bagamoyo Port Commences This Year – Tanzania

HE-Abdulrahaman-ShimboOn Monday, the Tanzania ambassador to China said The building of Bagamoyo Port is anticipated to start this year as soon as the required agreements have been written down.

Earlier, the building of the port found at Mbegani creek was thought to start the coming January however speed of discussions permitted that project to start this year, as a result of the great efforts of Big Results Now – BRN initiative.

Mr. Abdulrahaman Shimbo the Tanzania ambassador to China informed the media that this port is going to be constructed in phases and the main phase is expect to start right after completion of the talks that are presently in their final stages.

Amb. Shimbo added that the agreement at the start was signed at the start of this year to create way for these final negotiations that on completion then the agreement to commence work will eventually be signed.

In addition, the previous agreement permits the beginning of preliminary feasibility study of a huge port which will take Thirty years to be built to its complete capacity at a total expense of 10 billion US dollars.

Nevertheless, the ambassador said that the construction of the quay side, dredging, container yard and the dust cargo terminal of the port will take 3 years to be accomplished in 2017.

Mr. Shimbo, a retired army general said that this will include supporting infrastructure of the 2 railway lines which are TAZARA and TRL. To steer the BRN talk, in the first Ten years, the logistic plus export processing zone is going to be in place.

The initial phase of the port once accomplished in the 3 years, will have a holding capacity of Twenty million containers annually, in comparison with the installed capacity of Mombasa which is 600,000 whereas that of Dar es Salaam is at 500,000 to be the biggest on the eastern coast.

China Merchants Holdings International – CMHI, the biggest independent port operators in the world, is the primary investor for building and developing Bagamoyo Port.

CMHI which holds a principle of a customer first, seeks to strengthen its primary abilities to serve the increasing international economy, after amassing experience ever since the 19th century.

The ambassador said that China Merchant is the key player however there other different investors within the project that features land locked countries which the country served such Uganda, Zambia, Burundi, Malawi, DRC as well as Rwanda.

He flatly dismissed claims that this port is also going to be used as a Chinese military base claiming that such unproven and damaging reports which focused on ruining the business port project.

China Merchants Group, a corporation started in 1872 is the parent company of CMHI, whose three main businesses include finance (insurance, banking, funds and securities), transportation (energy shipping plus logistics, ports plus related services and toll roads) in addition to property. Additionally, own China Merchant Bankt

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