Elephant poachers enter South Africa

Poachers have killed Another elephant for its tusks within Parfuri found in northern Kruger National Park, Ten kilometers in from the borders of Mozambican with Zimbabwean . Officials of SANParks found the old carcass assumed dead for two day with its tusks cut out yesterday early morning. No additional information concerning the age or even sex of this elephant was offered and unfortunately no suspects have up to now been detained regarding this offense.

elephantsThis is now the incident of poaching of elephant within the Parfuri area of Kruger in the recent months, displaying the assault of elephant poaching forecasted by conservationists, that have cautioned that widespread poaching within bordering countries could start to spread over the South African boundaries, and the immediate requirement for greater action by the government to intensify protection measures as well as come up with answers to a crisis which appears to be not simply growing, but already recounting.

William Mabasa the spokesperson of SANparks said that Elephant poaching has been going on for some time now within Mozambique as well as Zimbabwe; therefore they did expect it would at one time get to their region.

The Parfuri area of KNP is specifically prone to penetration by these vicious poachers because of its closeness to the borders of Mozambique and Zimbabwe that makes it a leading target for unlawful groups operating on the other side of the borders, as well as a sitting group of corrupt customs officials plus officials in the parks.

A report that was recently released showed that criminal trophy hunters within South Africa are as well at play in planning poaching operations. Impartial intelligence sources apparently exposed documents that implicate a number of local safari units that are assisting and encouraging Mozambican poachers through giving them with ammo, obtaining buyers for their horns and even bribing officials in South Africa and politicians in Mozambique to assist in the progress of this process. They assert to have transferred the information to the authorities in South Africa, however, not to have acquired any feedback

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