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Information has emerged from the tourist city of Arusha that East African Court earlier this very week heard the ultimate submissions from the government of Tanzania and the plaintiffs who are looking to acquire a permanent injunction of the building the Serengeti highway. Resistance for the main road disagree that the road puts a risk to disrupt the yearly wildebeest migration between the famous Serengeti to the large Masai Mara.

The main rival party -Africa Network for Animal Welfare (ANAW) represented by lawful counsel S.K. Mbalelo, submitted that: “the action of constructing the road across the National Park is unlawful and infringes Articles 114 1 (a), 5 3 (c), 112 1 (e) and 8 1 (c), of the accord for the organization of the East African Community.” He further said the road will create negative effect which will badly affect the entire eco-system as well as the environment which the court has authority to charm the argument.

He further stated that this road will be a potential danger to the wildlife since it will disturb their movements during the migration.

The Republic of Tanzania, was represented by Malata Gabriel the Principal State Attorney, who contradicted the plaintiff’s application, pointing out several mitigating factors, including that the cited protocol on environment plus natural resources wasn’t yet ratified, although not proclaiming that the explanation for that fact is the setbacks brought on by the government of Tanzania to create lawful loopholes as well as escape opportunities.

The court informed the 2 parties that this decision is going to be publicized on notice, even though no period of time was presented.

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