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Excessive Taxes Stress Air Transport in Tanzania

The Tanzania government has been cautioned to relieve taxes on air Transport in order that several Tanzanians are able to afford to make use of air transport in carrying out their financial activities.

This advice was offered by Mr. Eliasph Mathew the General Manager of Travelport, at the launch of a brand-new network for giving tickets online – Precise Sky that will assist small airlines to be competitive within the aviation industry. Travelport is a worldwide company that is involved with helping airline companies to obtain systems for air ticketing.

Mr. Mathew stated that there are a lot of taxes imposed on airlines however at the end of the day the responsibility of these taxes is passed on to passengers.

This has an effect on the economy for the reason that tourists would prefer to travel to adjoining countries such as Uganda and Kenya where they’re going to be charged less whereas Tanzania has the best tourist attractions throughout East Africa.

He said that at this moment They are suggesting that there ought to be VAT on air transport, since this will simply weaken the aviation business,” . Adding that at this point air passengers acquire all their services online among them purchasing of tickets, reservation, food plus the hotel to sleep in at their ultimate destination as a result the need for all airlines to adopt to this new system and remain relevant.

Gloria Urasa the Manager of Precise Sky, stated that the brand-new online system is completely new to the country and is going to assist small airlines acquire recognition in foreign countries through increasing regions where they can market tickets and as a result expand business.

Mr. Charles Chacha the Acting Director General of Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority (TCAA), was i agreement that several Tanzanian can’t afford to travel using air however the government is currently taking necessary measures to deal with the situation. He mentioned that among the measures is to make improvements to infrastructure in order that airplanes can easily land at the airports night and day in the country and also to register any amount of airlines as is possible.

He mentioned that in the event that more companies are to operate within the country there would certainly be competition which will help to decrease the costs of air transportation and several Tanzanians will be in the position to manage to pay for it.