Jumbo from Serengeti National Park Killed

Elephant-killedA run away elephant from the internationally renowned Serengeti National Park has been murdered by game rangers soon after putting at risk the lives of civilians living in Rorya District within Mara Region.

The incident took place after twelve run away elephants entered Kirogwe village not too long ago. Mr. Ephraem Olenguyaine the Rorya District Council Executive Director- DED said that they have been able to take back the elephants to their natural home however one of these was killed right after it tried to kill people.

The jumbos are considered to have come from Serengeti, pursuing the River Mara route. The local council was compelled to send armed wildlife official to chasse back the elephants in to their habitats.

The DED said that it was a challenging task and costly however they thank God that they have returned to their habitat. Rorya is among the districts within the Mara region, in which a large number of villagers reside in and out of the Mara River Basin that forms a significant section of the internationally renowned Serengeti National Park.

Among the Other districts having villages that are vulnerable to such destructive elephants within the lake zone region are Butiama, Serengeti, Tarime as well as Bunda.

Officials estimate that Serengeti District alone has around 27 villages with hundreds of peasants prone to rampaging elephants.

A week ago Mr. Mahmoud Mgimwa the Deputy Minister for Natural Resources & Tourism visited this Mara region, where he as well had talks with the regional authorities on how to sort out this problem.



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