Kenya Tourism Board To Market in South Africa

As tourism come from the customary core markets especially the Kenyan coast continue to be below expected values the Kenya Tourist Board (KTB) increased marketing efforts throughout Africa, especially in destinations in which Kenya Airways is operating.

The Kenya Tourist Board has verified that a joint marketing campaign for Kenya within South Africa has been in close collaboration with Kenya Airways. From inside East Africa, Uganda offers the majority of visitors into Kenya however on the broader continent it is South Africa, with only a 4 hours flight from the city of Johannesburg.

Other markets that have been identified by KTB for development are Nigeria plus other wealthy countries in Western Africa, in which Kenya Airways operates daily.

The tourism sector, following one year of financial deficiency for KTB and the unending efforts of the country in promoting tourism, is currently waiting for the budget to be read in March, as figures will then be published of how much has been allocated in the tourism funding for the financial year of 2014 – 15 and whether Phyllis Kandie the cabinet secretary can actually deliver on the promises which he made to the industry regarding increasing expenditure on marketing tourism.



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