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Mkomazi selected wildlife breeding center

MKOMAZI Rhino Sanctuary is set to be the main breeding facility in Tanzania, outperforming all other initiatives in Africa, Mr. Ted van Dam of Suzuki Rhino Foundation from The Netherlands has announced.

Mkomazi-National-ParkMr. Van Dam said that their large group has effectively and professionally accomplished their purpose of making this sanctuary found in Mkomazi Game Reserve a secure habitat for the wild animals, protecting them from wildlife poaching, traps as well as poisoning.

He informed Mr. Mizengo Pinda who is the Prime Minister, that they have accomplished that through permitting the people staying close to the reserve to have a dependable income source through indirect or direct job opportunities.

The project has fortunately been really successful; the number of rhinos is increasing because of the tight security enforced. In addition to that, they supported the special breeding programme for African wild dogs.

This project is an example to other projects, outperforming all other initiatives in Africa,’’ he remarked, adding that Mkomazi is ready to be the breeding facility for African Black Rhino and African Wild dog in the country

They decided to support this Rhino Project within Mkomazi in the most specialist way.

Mr Van Dam emphasized that The main things to do is to guarantee the safety of these animals that are close to total extinction as well as provide a safe home for them and also making sure that no poaching, no traps and no poisoning occurs along with making certain that adequate income source for the people staying near these animals and even education them

Mkomazi National Park

Mkomazi National Park is a spectacular, 3,500 sq km game reserve found in northern Tanzania. Distant and hard to get to, it was set up in 1951, however never pulled in the financial assistance offered to the better recognized wildlife sanctuaries like the Ngorongoro plus Serengeti National Parks. Since 1989, when the Government of Tanzania reexamined the status of the reserve and selected it a Priority Project of the Nation, has its real value and relevance been recognized.

Within view to the northwest is Mountain Kilimanjaro, the highest in Africa. To the south, the Usumbara plus Pare Mountains form an impressive backdrop and, then to the north, the huge Tsavo National Park of Kenya which shares a boundary with Mkomazi, creating common ground for the migratory herds of zebras, elephants as well as oryx in the wet season. Along with Tsavo, this forms one of the biggest and most crucial protected ecosystems on the planet.