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Afonso Dhlakama The Renamo opposition leader in Mozambique said last Friday that he plans to run as a presidential candidate come October 2015 presidential election, however he blamed the government forces of blocking him from moving from his hideout within the bush.

Dhlakama, who led the previous Renamo rebel group in the civil war 1975 to 1992 and has over and over again been defeated by the presently in power Frelimo party in upcoming elections, has stayed in a bush-base within the central Sofala province for over one year to flee what he claims to be persecution by the government.

The leader of the Renamo Movement informed reporters on phone that he was encircled by various government forces that have clashed with some of his armed party members a number of times in the past couple of months back.

During a conference call made from his base within the densely forested Gorongosa mountain-district, found over 800 km / 500 miles north of the city of Maputo  Dhlakama said that he is a party leader and for that reason he should be organized

He added that in case he is attacked, he will respond with great force and entirely destroy everything.

Ever Since April the previous year,  the Renamo guerrillas have made erratic raids on military plus police posts in central as well as southern areas of Mozambique. In addition they have ambushed cars on the north-south main highway, murdering so many people, disturbing traffic and even causing cancellations within the tourism sector.


Diplomats based in Maputo say that as the country’s army has fought hard to put down Renamo’s low-level rebellion in largely the rural areas north of Mozambique’s capital, they don’t picture Dhlakama having enough military strength to push the country into a war.

One of the negotiators in the government as well as Minister for Transport Gabriel Muthisse, stated that Dhlakama was at liberty to leave his hideout in the bush and take part in the political process. He added that they will do nothing to him since there isn’t a threat against him.

Afonso Dhlakama who had earlier this very month signed up to vote during the October election, mentioned that he had intentions to run his presidential campaign with the official approval of his party.

Antonio Muchanga the Renamo spokesman informed reporters the National Council of the party supported Dhlakama as the presidential candidate.

Dhlakama required guarantees from the ruling government that his security will be respected, and also an agreement be reached for military members of the Renamo party to be incorporated into the national police as well as army.

Fast Developing Economy

The person who wins the 2015 vote is anticipated to assist bring to realization of major coal plus natural gas investment initiatives which have the possibility to create billions of dollars to this country which twenty years ago was in ruins.

Sustained by foreign investment, the economy of Mozambique is predicted to develop by over 8% this year from the 2013 7%, in accordance with IMF.

Dhlakama explained that he didn’t have any desire for paralyzing the Mozambique economy and that his military forces weren’t blocking foreign companies from exporting or even mining coal.

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