Nigeria to benefit from Kenya’s cultural tourism experience

Nigeria is ready to scale with Kenya on handicrafts and cultural tourism to enhance her number of tourists.

In accordance with Kenya Tourism Board (KTB), Nigeria’s Cross River State is interested in learning from the cultural tourism product of Kenya that has turned into a pulling factor for numerous tourists aside from wildlife and beach safaris.

A press release from the Tourism board cited the Director of Culture in the Cross River State capital Calabar Dr Mary Teresa Agba as stating that the country has so much to learn from the Republic of Kenya as this city seeks to brand-name itself as one of the cultural destinations.

Agba added that other than the wildlife plus the beach safari for which Kenya is best known for, they are really interested in learning ways of developing as well as repackaging culture as a tourist product and also embrace sustainable tourism through the handicraft business. She added that empowering the local communities through these handicrafts was a means of guaranteeing sustainability and also embracing Eco-tourism methods that is turning out to be popular.

She added that they are aware of enthusiasm of Kenya towards eco-tourism through offering communities priorities in aspects like community-made merchandise and handicrafts, among more opportunities which have a direct impact on local communities in which tourism is conducted carried out.

The Calabar festival

Calabar city is one of the tourism centers in Nigeria that attracts more than 500 thousand million tourists each year especially during the well-known Calabar Festival which normally happens between the months of November and December.

The festival displays the different cultures including marriage, dance , cuisine as well as costume.

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