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Africa Wildlife Photography has turned into a very popular activity over the past couple of years, specifically considering the fact that digital SLR photography has developed to be more easily available. A growing number of wildlife enthusiasts have begun exploring into nature photography. The Wilderness of Africa is a dreamland for enthusiastic photographers, including professionals plus beginners.

What will help improve your safari photos?


Set out and look for your subject during the time of the day with ‘the golden-light’. The ‘digital darkroom’ offer us great control over the raw images. You can make them lighter, or darker, even change color balance, increase sharpness plus saturation plus much more. the best image editing program is Adobe Lightroom Photoshop. The finest natural color balance can be attained in the early morning or in the late afternoon while the sun is lower. Normally, I recommend that you underexpose your pictures on the Africa continent with minus 1/3 so as to increase the saturation that will make the photos more alive.

Pick and know the subject plus environment of your interest:

In case you have ample time, you may explore the environment of your photography subject. In case you are on a Two to three week tour, I recommend that you venture out with an expert guide that is familiar with the area. This will save you so much time and greatly improve the success rate.

Having Information about animal behavior is another essential skill that will assist you obtain the right photo. Figuring out when the birds are about to fly off, to which direction as well as at what speed is often very useful for modifying your camera composition plus settings, as well as in the end, obtain the result which you had imagined.

What to do on a Photography safari in South Luangwa?

South Luangwa is among the finest wildlife sanctuaries on the planet. The park covers 9050 sq km and it hosts a wide array of wildlife, vegetation plus birds. The level of guiding is of a extremely high standard and the driving plus walking guides must pass the given examination and several hours out in the field of practical application.

The shifting seasons increase the richness of this national park which ranges from the dried out, bare bushveld during the winter months to an abundant green imagination during the summer months. You will find more than Sixty different species of animals on your Zambia Photographic Tour; the only noteworthy exception is the large rhino, unfortunately which is severely poached close to extinction.


South Luangwa has a very large number of Wildlife. Fortunately the majority of the species are acquainted with the vehicles driving within the national park and they are really calm and easily approachable. This national park has one of the biggest numbers of leopards that are the perfect reward for every wildlife photographer as well as enthusiast.


Having more than 400 varied bird species among which are thirty nine birds of prey plus Forty seven migrant species, you will find so much for a birdwatcher to see regardless of the season.

Each of the different seasons comes with unique photographic scenes. The majority of people are recommended to come particularly in the dry months that start in April up to November. Nevertheless with regards to photography, even the months of the off season are very rewarding as well.

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