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Alain St.Ange the state Minister for Tourism and Culture in Seychelles announced the countdown to the 2014 Carnival while close to the La Plaine St. Andre, which is among the most beautiful colonial houses in Seychelles.

Minister Alain added that the Seychelles Carnival International de Victoria is yet to begin. It is only a couple of weeks away. The island and the whole world is in for a great surprise. This 4th edition of the Carnaval International de Victoria is for the first time going to see Air Seychelles or Etihad as its associate airline. The Minister St.Ange express gratitude to Air Seychelles for its partnerships and its committed contributions to the success of this very year’s edition of this event which is currently known as an exclusive “Carnival of all Carnivals.

The Minister added that Without your assistance, the Ministry of Tourism and Culture as well as the Seychelles Tourism Board won’t be able to hold this significant event. In case Seychelles is here, it’s mainly because of companies like this which understood in what the government is doing.

Amid numerous friends of this carnival, performers, sponsors as well as artists, the Minister further said that in case Seychelles wanted a really good event like this carnival, all it required were committed partners together with the Seychelles Tourism Board plus the Ministry of Tourism and Culture. The minister used this opportunity to advise the local business society to organize their own carnival-floats which will exhibit their businesses to the people of Seychelles as well as the rest of the world.

Minister Alain appealed to the local traders to use this carnival as a stage to exhibit their business, since The carnival just as the previous year will attract a very large media coverage, the biggest ever had on the Seychelles shores – so local businessmen should use the presence on the international media here to exhibit their businesses to the rest of the world.

This 2014, the Seychelles Tourism Board is working with several of the renowned as well as reputable media houses to make sure that there is enough coverage of this event referred to as the “Carnival of all Carnivals.” Seychelles Tourism Board has verified that journalists coming from different parts of the world as well as from the region will travel to Seychelles to have a live capture of this amazing moment which will be a 3 days carnival party. It is as well verified that the carnival delegations, plus those who refer to themselves as key revelers that follow these thrilling events wherever they are staged, have also confirmed that they will be in Seychelles. He also informed us that the list of delegations that have confirmed coming to this carnival is really long. Nearly the finest as well as the most renowned carnivals will be coming together this year, along with cultural troupes originating from other countries that are interested in promoting their countries through their culture; as a consequence their people have also confirmed their presence. Minister St.Ange added that more nations from the association of Nations are yet to confirm their arrival days and that they are as well sending their local cultural troupes to the Seychelles carnival in to promote their visibility as tourism destinations

In addition, the Minister retold on the developing partnership this Carnaval International de Victoria has created among the Community of Nations.

the Minister added that the participation from the mainland countries of Africa has increased. They will have most of the countries marketing the Big Five notion in the carnival. Also South Africa is to make its very first presence in this carnival as a co-host nation. Having South Africa involved, Seychelles, the Vanilla Islands of La Reunion, Mayotte plus Madagascar have a strong partner maligning them, so they are prepared to move this carnival forward.

the Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Seychelles Tourism Board Nathalie Didon, has stressed out the significance of this carnival delegations meeting to Seychelles to commemorate this year’s edition of this event. She expressed here gratitude to the sponsors who had committed themselves to the 2014  Carnaval International de Victoria and the outstanding dedication of all the staff of Seychelles Tourism Board who continuously are working to put this carnival together.

The launch of the countdown to Seychelles’ Carnaval International de Victoria took place amid Friends of this Carnival plus the members of Seychelles Tourism Board. The Official sponsors of this event are: Air Seychelles or Etihad, Hunt Deltel, Airtel Telecommunication, Seychelles Petroleum Company (Seypec) and Seychelles Civil Aviation Authority (SCAA), have all pledged their great support for this event. The thrilling moment of this launching was the declaration of the winner of the song contest for this 2014 Carnaval International de Victoria. 3rd position was to KJ plus Extra with the song – the “Carnaval narive,” in 2nd position was to George Payet with the song “Carnaval ile vanilla,” and then Travis Julienne in first place and won the prize of R35000 with the song “Ole Ola, en sel lavwa.”

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