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Tanzania authorities especially those in Arusha region have requested the central government of the country to make haste the processes of building the Arusha-Musoma highway.

Members on the Regional Road Board – RRB Committee not long ago met and decided that finishing of the road will increase development within and outside this region.

Elias Wawa Lali the District Commissioner of Ngorongoro said that the road is going to play a significant role in the development of the people of Ngorongoro region who were lacking infrastructure ever since Tanzania gained independence.

The District Commissioner went on to explain that This road is the only left over hope for these people in Ngorongoro area and this project will entirely transform the livelihoods of the local Maasai people residing in this area.

In the month of June, the East African Court of Justice made a ruled against the intentions of the Tanzania government to construct a road going through the internationally renowned Serengeti National Park. This case was brought forward by a number of wildlife activist associations within and out of Tanzania.

Deusdedit Kakoko the Regional Manager of TANROADS said that the government will carry on with its intentions of building the Arusha-Musoma highway, talking about the project as essential infrastructure for this region.

Three districts which include Ngorongoro, Monduli and Longido are going to be the main beneficiaries of the Mto wa Mbu-Loliondo road part.

Jowika Kasunga the District Commissioner of Monduli, likewise referred to this road as crucial infrastructure to the local people in Arusha and to the rest of the country.

He explained that it will go through Engaruka, close to the active volcano of mountain Oldonyo-Lengai as well as on the shores of Lake Natron that is among the major tourism areas.

Commissioner Kasunga informed the members during the RRB meeting that they shouldn’t be disheartened by anyone; they need to carry on with their plans.

A number of participants likewise said that the Arusha-Musoma road project doesn’t have any connection with Serengeti National Park.

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