Tanzania Looks at European Soccer Matches to Draw In Tourists

Michael-OwenSeeking to attract Spanish along with other European tourists, the Republic of Tanzania is targeting the best European soccer teams to participate in the marketing and promotion campaigns of its tourism   through major football leagues in European.

A team of Twenty five former players with Real Madrid took on a 5 day trip to Tanzania a couple of days back in a excursion that was geared towards learning about this African safari destination, as well as to participate in a friendly football match with the former national Tanzanian players.

Around Forty Thousand football fans from different parts around the globe led by Mr. Jakaya Kikwete the President of Tanzania who is a diehard soccer fan, watched this friendly match that was played at the National Stadium which is an extremely modern-day sports ground found in Dar es Salaam the capital city of Tanzania.

In the course of their visit in Tanzania, these former legends of Real Madrid visited Mt. Kilimanjaro, the highest peak in Africa, plus the Ngorongoro Crater, renowned for its amazing wildlife safaris on the African continent

The former legends of Real Madrid including some of the former football stars of the team like Fabio Cannavaro, Ramon Cobbo, Michael James Owen, Luis Figo and Christian Karembeu got an opportunity to visit and even spend an entire day inside the Ngorongoro Conservation Area where they enjoyed a full day wildlife safari on the floor of this wonderful Crater filled with numerous different wild animals.

The crater is filled with wild animal species with a wild nature where the legends of Real Madrid in accordance with conservation officials there are reported to have been fascinated the most. They also visited some particular Maasai pastoralists’ cultural sites within this wildlife conservation area.

An official with the Ngorongoro Conservation Authority said that The Ngorongoro Crater was an attraction to the Madrid Legends. in fact they are thinking about a come back for another safari here, along with their spouses.

Stakeholders within the Tourism industry in Tanzania happily welcomed these Madrid legends with very good hopes of seeing Tanzania achieving yet another remarkable mile within its tourism campaigns across Europe, the number one source of tourists traveling to this African destination every year.

Tourism stakeholders added that throughout their entire visit, several media program coverage will be revealed to publicize the tourism of Tanzania in Spain through different media outlets among them international sports media, newspapers and TV programs.

Prior to their departure home, Devota Mdachi the Acting Managing Director of the Tanzania Tourist Board got the opportunity to handle over souvenirs of Tanzanian coffee, tea plus Maasai clothes to the players.

The Tanzania official tourism marketing and advertising institution Tanzania Tourist Board (TTB) said that the Real Madrid legends are going to be good ambassadors to market the tourism of Tanzania in Spain plus other European countries.

At the moment, The Tanzania Tourist Board (TTB) is carrying out a tourism marketing campaign through the Sunderland AFC matches within the UK.



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