Tanzania Praised Over Fight against Cyber Crime

The United Republic of Tanzania is apparently doing great in the battle against cyber crime that plans to begin implementation of e-government being praised as a great move.

Mr. Kalpesh Maheshwari the country manager of Cyberoam said in line with the country report by the International Telecommunication Union that projects it as a nation starting implementation of e-government and increasing efforts to restrain the increasing trend of cyber crime.

Mr. Maheshwari noted that other more organizations are taking on internet as a medium of transmitting for the major business services with the e-mail replacing fax as the primary medium of transmitting.

He said while in Dar es Salaam that similar to other countries, the organizations which intensely rely on the internet as well as computer network are vulnerable to cyber attacks that may be purposeful efforts to interrupt services (Refusal of Service Attacks) or more complex attacks.

Furthermore, there isn’t any law that safeguards data or even databases within Tanzania. A number of the major concerns would be the right to data protection, level of privacy, as well as danger of data incorrect use. This kind of state of orders when it comes to Network Security requires large need for solutions such as Cyberoam within the region.

He talked as the international network security appliances organization declared the appointment of the Channel Manager of Tanzania Ms. Winnie Mafuru, to assist partners in acquiring customers for the Tanzania region.

He explained that this appointment came as part of extensive efforts in creating vibrant partner community, pushing for better service as well as support for their customers.

Ms. Mafuru added that she would be making use of her experience in tending the market together with long term development plans for the Cyberoam within the region.

Previously, she served as the Channel Manager for Signage Solutions, a top Sales and Marketing company that concentrates on Channel Management in Africa.

Mr. Maheshwari added that the African markets have a huge of capacity for a extensive solution such as Cyberoam. Talking about the future plans of Cyberoam for the region, he went on to say that Expansion is certainly their strategy, and recruiting a local channel manager was the first step to their larger goals for this region.

To accomplish this, she mentioned that she would boost focus even more on intently working with channel partners so as to broaden their business and even increase their offerings to every client that they serve.

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