Tanzania Premier to Officiate the 2014 Economic Promotional Festival at Mtwara & Lindi

Mizengo-Pindacookery flavors, Rhythms, arts as well as music are coming to Lindi plus Mtwara Municipalities to celebrate the very first ever once-a-year ‘Mtwara Festival’ that will go from 16th to 17th August, at Nangwanda Sijaona Stadium.

The theme this year is ‘Fursa Zimefunguka, Tuzitambue, Tujiandae, Tuzichangamkie,’ (‘Lindi plus Mtwara opportunities have been made available; let’s specify them to be explored’) is anticipated to be officiated by Mizengo Pinda the Prime Minister of Tanzania.

The Mtwara Festival is organized through the cooperation between Tanzania Creative Industries Network – TACIN and the Tanzania Petroleum Development Corporation – TPDC, with support from the Tanzanian Tourism Board – TTB, as their tactic to bring in visitors and build tourism plus economic opportunities to the port areas in the deep water.

This festival is going to be a communication platform as well as technique from which the local community will become aware of the numerous opportunities all-around them, and also increase their pride through the marketing of Mtwara plus Lindi as destinations to check out, live, conduct business as well as work.

The Executive Chairman of TACIN Anic Kashasha said that Mtwara plus Lindi are coastal areas with beautiful beaches plus plenty of creativity, history as well as cultural wealth, which, through this particular festival, will bring in more foreigners, enhancing tourism in both communities.

He added that the latest discovery in Lindi plus Mtwara of natural gas will as well play a role in the economic development in the two regions through creating more job creation opportunities as well as income generation through connecting the gas economy with the economy of the local communities.

he went on to say that for several years, Mtwara has been hardly ever affected by the rest of the world and explains its late development could be followed all the way back to the colonial times when the Portuguese plus Germans wanted a buffer area and used River Ruvuma as a boundary.

Following the defeat of Germany in the First World War Britain acquired power over Tanzania.

Mikindani town, a protected lagoon that was basically utilized as harbor by the local fishermen plus traders from Arabian Peninsula from the 9th to the 18th Century, stayed a major administrative post till 1947 when British administration began developing this port in the nearby town of Mtwara to make it the export hub for the peanuts cultivated on the well known groundnut scheme found at Nachingwea.

Even though the scheme did not take-off back in the 1950’s, at the moment Mtwara looked at as the biggest cashewnut producer across the entire nation.

Reiterating on the advantages of public-private cooperation, Devota Mdachi, the Acting Managing Director of Tanzania Tourism Board said that they are delighted to be part of this tourism strategy that is going to play a huge role in the general socio-economic development of the country.

She went on to say that businesses plus organizations must come up and support this Mtwara Festival and also utilize this excellent opportunity to display their products plus services for the rest of the world to discover.

In addition, the Mtwara Festival is supported by Mtwara regional authorities plus various media associates.



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