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Building of the long awaited international standard first “Genuine mankind history” domestic-museum inside the Ngorongoro Conservation Area found in northern section of Tanzania, is to commence early the coming year.

hominid-footprintsThe government of Tanzanian is to finance this project that is estimated to take approximately thirty million dollars for the building of this modern hi-tech museum that is capable of managing its temperature as well as weather conditions so as to preserve the historical footprints as well as display the wonder to visitors.

The Ngorongoro Conservation Area Authority’s public relations manager Mr. Adam Akyoo said that Technical drawings for this planned live hominid footprints museum is going to be completed prior to the finish of this year, to make way for the beginning of this project

This facility is going to be constructed at Laetoli archaeological site at the distant corner of Ngorongoro Conservation Area. This very modern “Jurassic Park” is to have a human-foot shaped housing. At completion, the dome museum is anticipated to lead all the tourist sites within East Africa in global recognition, since the entire world is going to be visiting Laetoli to have a look at the genuine footprints that were made by their ancestors approximately Four million years back.

in 1978, Dr. Mary Leakey Discovered an ancient hominid tracks-way estimated to be 3.6 million years located on locality 8 – site B at Laetoli, revealing immortalized footprints of 3 human beings – a child, woman plus a man who should have stepped onto wet soft volcanic soil that preserved these prints on checking into rocks.

The head of this archaeological site Mr.Curator Godfrey Ole Moita says that Laetoli is the sole place on the planet having this kind of human footprints that were left by “Australopithecus Afarensis,” at Laetoli on volcanic ash, offering strong proof of permanent bipedalism.

In accordance with Ole Moita Australopithecus Afarensis, a human ancestor existed between 2.9 – 3.9 million years back.

Margaret Kaisoy the assistant curator of Laetoli mentioned that the size of the Laetoli ground volcanic plate on which these pre- historic footprints were imprinted; extend to around 30m prior to vanishing underground in the scorching savannah, although scientists think that more prints may be discovered on more digging.

These hominid footprints have already been hidden beneath special layers of rock plus sand ever since 1979 however in 2010, these were partially exposed with the orders of the Tanzanian President Mr. Jakaya Kikwete, who went to this site and directed the Ngorongoro Crater Area Authority to build a unique museum surrounding these prints.

Professor Charles Musiba from U.S., who was responsible for the re-excavation process, explained that the museum is going to be a huge dome which forms its unique weather condition by means of special machinery as well as high technology electronics.

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