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Early-man-footstepsTanzania will draw in more tourists in the coming future given that the country adapts to Paleo – prehistoric tourism that permits people to go back over human history.

The South African Tourism Deputy Chairperson Mr. Zweli Vincent Mntambo revealed that they refer to it as Paleo tourism and up to now the Olduvai Gorge together with the Laetoli archaeological sites found in the Northern part of Tanzania are places in which the whole world will be rushing to go back over the amazing history of man.

he added that it is a well-known fact that everyone in the world descends from Africa and remnants show that the very first human to move on the earth did so inside the Ngorongoro area found in Northern Tanzania, and that the new form of tourism of the African continent will be centered on this as well as that in Arusha needs to get ready for millions of international visitors plus scientists as well.

Mr. Mntambo was talking at the Olduvai Gorge in which the ‘Walking Tall’ physical theatre troupe coming from South Africa was launching the academic silent acrobatic shows showing international history through the evolution of man, focusing on impacting this knowledge to colleges plus schools within Tanzania and the rest of the East African countries.

The Head of the Laetoli archaeological site Mr. Godfrey Ole Moita said that At the present time the combined number of tourists visits at Olduvai as well as Laetoli peaks is from 300 to 500 people each day with this number escalating throughout the high season.

He went on to mention that Laetoli is the sole place on the plannet having human footprints which were left by the ‘Australopithecus afarensis’ on the volcanic ash found at Laetoli, offering solid evidence of permanent bi-pedalism.

in accordance with Ole Moita Man’s ancestors, the Australopithecus Afarensis, , lived here between 2.9 to 3.9 million years back. Mr. Moita was in view that considering that the historical sites total in more than One hundred ninety Thousand visitors annually, they’re the second most widely known destination following the crater (that receives Six hundred Thousand visitors annually) at the moment the historical sites are also leading the renowned Zanzibar Islands in tourist visits and as soon as South Africa begins marketing them, this number may possibly increase significantly.

The ‘silent theatre’ that is set to market those sites plus other cradles of mankind within East Africa, was taken to Olduvai, then to the Ngorongoro Conservation Area Authority – NCAA by the Palaeontological Scientific Trust – PAST based in Johannesburg whose Chief Executive Officer Ms. Andrea Leenen described that the finest way to educate about human evolution to the people coming from various races, color as well as language was by means of a symbolic acrobatic performance which can be fully understood by nearly everybody.

She went on to explain that in South Africa, for example, they have eleven official languages plus other spoken languages, however the ‘Walking Tall’ theatres have successfully been in position to convey the message without difficulty across these individuals talking different languages.

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