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The United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) has pointed out problems to be tackled by the international tourism sector so as progressing among the world’s top economic activities and among the few industries producing good news across the planet at ITB Berlin – Germany.

Kenya is one of the numerous countries from the African continent participating at the international tourism trade-fair with the Cabinet Secretary for East African Affairs, Tourism plus Commerce Ms Phylis Kandie to lead the delegation from Kenya.

while speaking at the opening of the 2014 ITB, Taleb Rifai  the UNWTO Secretary General said that tourism has turned out among the fastest developing economic industries, one that drives international development, creates countless jobs, exports plus investments and even changes lives.

Positive expectations

Mr Rifai said that to ensure that our industry continues to be competitive, we ought to tackle the various problems that we have numerous challenges that we have looked at as priorities at the UNWTO, dedicated to convert these into 5 key opportunities.

On a plan level, UNWTO’s communication to this 2014 ITB underscores the necessity to enhance travel facilitation, given that nearly two-thirds of the total world  population are needed to acquire a visa prior to their departure.

Rifai also said that Air connectivity is an extra important area, taking into consideration the obvious linkages between flight handling plus tourism, as well as the reality that more than 50 % of the international tourists in the world arrive at their tourist destination by flight, although numerous countries up to date have sketchy policies between these two industries.


He also added that UNWTO is interested in seeing balanced taxation procedures on tourism.

This necessitates tourism to turn into a national strategy and concern rather than a sectoral one. He also said that cross-cutting government procedures as well as public-private partnerships are the required precursor to all significant tourism advancement.


In addition, he said  that there is a chance to generate new and inventive coalitions for the development of tourism and forms of co-operation that take hold of the tourism private and  public sectors.

He added that It must as well embrace the lawmakers plus other players originating from areas like culture, technology, gastronomy and arts. The opening address made by the UNWTO Secretary General at the ITB 2014 that alongside development is a lot of responsibility.

He concluded that with the economic advancement, job creation as well as development opportunities which tourism brings alongside the overwhelming concern of sustainability.

Recognized for its concentration on travel-technology products year after year, ITB records approximately 170 exhibitors from across the planet this year to demonstrate their technology related services plus product inventions in the travel and leisure industry, while Thirty new exhibitors are going to be present for the very first time at this event.

In the mean time, this 2014 ITB Berlin fair additionally sees powerful development in segments of Responsible Tourism, Youth Travel as well as Adventure Travel and 130 exhibitors coming from 35 countries are all represented.

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