Wasira Calls for Wildlife Management Area within Bunda

Stephen-WasiraMr. Stephen Wasira the Minister of State in the President’s Office for Social Relations & Coordination is calling for the creation of a Wildlife Management Area – WMA within Bunda District found in Mara Region.

At the moment the game controlled area is inhabited by residents of Tamau, Nyatwali as well as Serengeti villages. Mr. Wasira talking on Thursday right after attending the Mara Regional Consultative Committee – RCC exclusive session that talked about intentions to make this game controlled area a section of Serengeti National Park said that What is required is to enable free movement of wildlife and with Wildlife Management Area, wildlife will have the opportunity to drink water from the freshwater Lake Victoria

Villages giving up their land for the establishment of this WMA have been putting their signature on deals with the investors as well as performing photographic plus hunting tourism.

By now Mara Region has among the most successfully Wildlife Managed Area in the country known as IKONA that is formed by 5 villages within the Serengeti district a number of years back.

Mr. Wasira who is the Bunda constituency member of parliament said that The IKONA WMA yields between 600 and 800 million shillings each year from 8 investors working within the region. He added that The WMA will provide job opportunities for the youth and enable people reap the benefits of the conservation activities

A number of ministers plus senior officials from Tanzania National Parks – TANAPA attended The session and it was chaired by Mr. Evarist Ndikilo the Mwanza Regional Commissioner – RC who as well serves as the Mara Region Acting RC.

Mr. Ndikilo said that the entire process of making this 129 square kilometer area a section of Serengeti National Park isn’t new and referred to this move as very delicate to people residing in this region.

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