Botswana is another African safari destination that you can not miss while on safari holidays in Southern Africa. Although landlocked, Botswana safari holidays will include tours to the neighboring Namibia, South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Zambia. More than 85% of Botswana overland safaris will be in the Kalahari Desert and trips to the river delta called Okavango. As a result of Botswana’s this diversity, the country boasts of different habitats that have made this country one of the top safari destinations in Africa.

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Safari in Botswana

Botswana wildlifeThrough the Okavango Delta, the biggest inland delta worldwide, enormous and dry Kalahari desert; from the Moremi Game Reserve to the deserted Nxai Pan; within the verdant Chobe River to Deception Valley, a Botswana safaris would be the adventure of your lifetime. The best Botswana safari includes visit to the game parks like Moremi, Chobe national park and Linyati game reserve which are home to great concentrations of wildlife, such as African Elephants, lions, giraffes, leopards, kudus, wild dogs and so much more.

With over eighty five types of mammals, 1075 species of birds, and 150 types of reptiles, Botswana tours have some thing for everybody, whether pursuits lie within a game drive or boating expedition. Experience the Elephant back safaris in the Okavango Delta or take Botswana walking safaris or game drives in the wild parks, to the salt pans of Magadikgadi, board a boat ride on the Chobe River where you have sights at the famous Victoria falls at a distance.

Chobe Safari in Botswana

Chobe National Park is situated in the north-east of Botswana and combines river flood plains with open pans and riverine woodlands. The best time to visit is from May to September when you will be thrilled by the huge herds of elephant and buffalo that have made the park famous. In addition there are big numbers of hippopotamus, giraffe, kudu and impala and more than 250 species of birds have been recorded.

Makgadikgadi, Pans National Park were once a huge prehistoric lakes, they dried up only 10,000 years ago and today they are salt plains, grasslands and isolated “islands” of vegetation, baobab and palm trees. Most of the time they appear as glaring, white, endless plains but during the rainy season they are one of the most important wetland areas in Botswana. There are Bushman hunting shelters and sacred sites and the shorelines of Makgadikgadi are littered with archaeological relics including Stone Age tools.

Linyanti, Savuti and Selinda, areas are home to huge quantities of wildlife including big herds of buffalo and elephant, and predators, particularly lions and hyenas. The Linyanti Wildlife Reserve is a private reserve shared by a very small number of private camps, ensuring that guests are able to view the abundant wildlife privately and exclusively. The Savute channel is a now dry “waterway” that connects the Linyanti River with the interior of the Chobe National Park, ending at the Savute marsh. The Selinda (or Magweqana) Spillway is a shallow channel connecting the Panhandle region of the Okavango Delta with the Chobe River system.

Moremi Safari Tours Botswana

The Moremi Game Reserve on the north-eastern edge of the Okavango Delta packs acacia forests, wetlands, lagoons and swamps into 1,800 sq km (700 sq miles). As varied as the terrain is, so is the game. From lion and leopard to elephant and buffalo right down to the bird-life, even the least inspired ornithologists will be amazed.

Okavango Safari Botswana

Okavango river which originates in Angola and spills back inland to the sands of the Kalahari Desert where it fans out and forms a vast delta of wetlands and waterways. At the flood this is quite literally a land of water; lagoons dotted with lilies, narrow channels that are invaded by papyrus reeds, islands and shallow sheets of water that glisten in the sun. This bounty attracts a huge variety of mammals and bird species, though on occasion they are almost secondary to the sheer wonder of the setting.

You can combine your Botswana safari packages to include visits to Mozambique Island, South African game parks or to Namibia. Botswana Safari tour guides are useful and friendly, and very knowledgeable concerning Botswana safari wildlife along with the best Botswana safari attractions and safety precautions. The most difficult facet of Botswana safari tours could be the truth that at some point you’ll definitely depart.

Botswana Travel

The major airport is situated in the city of Gaborone, and the majority of incoming flights are via Johannesburg, South Africa. Direct charter flights are to Maune and Kasane Airports located near all preferred Botswana safari destinations. No visa is needed for 67 countries, including the US, UK, Canada, and Australia, even though, passports are necessary. Car hire and rentals are available, and may perhaps be integrated in numerous travel deals of wilderness safaris.

Get the best deals for Botswana safari tours from low peak season, October to April, the dry months however associated with intense heat, high temperature and insect bites. May to August is the best time to have safaris to Botswana although it’s quite expensive during this time! It is invariably sunny during the days and chilly for the nights especially from south western Botswana.
For tourists, the best months for Botswana wildlife safaris are from April through to October, when several animals tour the water pools every morning to quench their thirst giving you th e best game viewing spot and take some good pictures.

Northern Botswana is regarded in the malaria zone and travellers are recommended to be conscious, pack your Malaria prescription and medication, appropriate clothing-long sleeved shirts and trousers.

Main roads are smooth and well kept and accessibility is excellent, although individuals do will need to beware of animals that crisscross the Highways. Public transport is readily available through bus routes, even so service may be spotty away from big cities and buses tend to fill up quickly.

Safari Lodges in Botswana

While you are here for Botswana safaris, you don’t have to worry about where to stay. Botswana safari accommodation is available from

Botswana Safari Lodges

Evenings at Chobe Safari Lodge

everywhere, near each of the attractions such as Chobe, Okavango delta, Kalahari, Savuti and Linyati. Northern Botswana is home to Camp Okavango, Mambo Camp, Duba Plains Camp, and also the Abu Camp in which Botswana family safaris offer the very best big game viewing in Africa.

Other Botswana accommodation options include a tented safari camp or even a vacation within a Botswana safari lodge. Some of the luxury safari lodges include Savute safari lodge, Chobe safari lodge, and Elephant valley Chobe lodge among others. A Botswana lodge not only offers an close up look at the unique wildlife of the region such as lions, buffalo, along with a variety of bird wildlife, what’s more, it offers deluxe lodging that may be surprising when contemplating of Botswana safari camps.

When considering a Botswana safari package, be keen on the prices and safari itineraries that the package has. Tailored safaris normally include Botswana flights, accommodations and safari lodges and the number of days you’ll be on safari. Book your Botswana safari through Botswana safari and tour operators or through the any of the Botswana safari and travel websites.

Why Visit Botswana?

Botswana is a country of spectacular contrasts – ranging from the very clear waters of the beautiful Okavango Delta to the huge herds of elephants found inside Chobe National Park as well as the unstable Savute Channel that runs dry and also floods apparently at random. the country is Endowed with a number of the most beautiful reserves on the African continent and a range of excellent wildlife, this is definitely an unique safari destination.

The Okavango Delta is a marvelous oasis – seeing water in the middle of a desert is a definitely a breathtaking sight. The extensive, grassy floodplains serve as habitat to an impressive variety of wild animals, such as the exclusively adapted sitatunga plus lechwe antelopes. crossing into Chobe National Park which is well known for having the biggest single number of elephants is another spectacle, while Moremi Game Reserve is popular for its outstanding bird life.

Why take a safari in Botswana?

Taking a safari into Botswana will offer you the opportunity to encounter the plentiful wildlife around the Okavango Delta, which is the largest inland delta on the planet. Here, Mother nature’s drama of life shows up at each and every turn, regardless of whether during regular game drives in safari vehicles that are uniquely designed to provide exceptional views or on the thrilling water safaris using mokoros (the local dugout canoes) in the flooded plains. Then the Mombo Concession found inside the Moremi Game Reserve is regarded as the “predator capital,” of Botswana with views of leopards, cheetahs, large prides of lions as well as the endangered and uncommon African wild dogs seen hunting their prey. in addition, Botswana is home to the largest population of elephants on the African continent, and during your Botswana safari, you will walk with the semi-habituated elephants and even learn about these huge animals from their keeper experts. A lot of the Botswana safaris likewise incorporate chances to travel to the powerful Victoria Falls, which is a must-see destination in Botswana.

What to see on a safari in Botswana?

The big numbers of different types of wildlife found in Botswana include several diverse species of antelopes, buffaloes and elephants, in addition to predators such as lions, cheetahs, leopards, wild dogs, brown & spotted hyenas and more than 1075 types of birds. Not so long ago, six rhino were generously donated to Botswana.

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Which Safari Company or Tour Operator?

You will find a large number of different safari companies inside Botswana. Fortunately, most of these companies provide different safaris in Botswana such as boat rides, birding safaris and wildlife safaris. Important to note is that you should find out if the tour operator you are using is registered with any of the recognized Tourism professional association such as Africa Tour Operators, Association of Botswana Tour Operators and Tourism Botswana.

Where to Stay On a Botswanan Safari?

Despite the fact that Botswana has several good hotels, the tourists that go to Botswana have a tendency to do this for the luxury safari experiences which it presents. The kind of accommodation available in the safari areas of Botswana such as the Okavango Delta, Tuli Block, Chobe, Savute and the Linyanti include primarily tented safari camps, in addition to several game lodges. In a number of the small centres associated with tourism, like Maun plus Kasane, the guest houses are as well popular. Nevertheless generally speaking, safari camps (especially luxury tented camps) are the most widely used type of accommodation within Botswana. Then Game lodges come second as the most widely used and then follow the hotels in the traditional perception of the word are limited to the larger business centers such as Francis town plus Gaborone.

When to Go on a Safari in Botswana?

Game viewing is at its best throughout the dry months starting in May up to October when the number of wild animals is ever increasing around the water sources while the dry season progresses. Most professionals regard the colder months from June up to August as the most ideal time of year as wildlife viewing is persistently excellent, there is hardly any rainfall and the likelihood of malaria is at its least.

Attaining the highest numbers in the hot and dry months of September or October, the wild animals have a tendency of spreading out through the rainy months from January to April but a number of destinations provide great summer game viewing, not least since they lie along the pathway of migrating the animals especially zebras. Without a doubt, this is an all year round destination for those interested in bird watching as they will find several migrant species during the summer months from December to march as the most ideal time to visit this country not only for the numbers but also for the diversity of bird species.

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How much does a Safari To Bostwana Cost ?

A basic three day safari into Chobe National Park that will include game drives and be conducted as a medium group safari with accommodation offered in Mid-range lodges will cost $55o per person.

Are the people of Botswana Friendly?

The people of Botswana are very friendly and so welcoming. They pride of a diversity of tribes and cultures each with a unique language however the formal language is English, and Setswana is the most extensively spoken language across Southern African. There are 8 main Tswana tribes and each of these occupies its separate territory and features its own traditional chiefs, and every tribe retains communal ownership over its land.

What is the Weather like in Botswana?

Summer begins in the month of November to the finish of March and normally is characterized with extremely high temperatures. Additionally it is the rainy season and the cloud coverage plus rain help cool down the environment, although just usually for a brief period of time.

The winter months begin in May and end in August. This is as well the dry season as hardly any rain falls. The winter days are usually sunny and between cool and warm; however, the temperatures in the evenings and nights may drop below 0C- the freezing point in a number of places.

The periods in-between which is from April to early May as well as from September to October – are usually dry, however the days are cooler than in the summer while the nights are hotter than during the winter months.

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Botswana Wildlife Safari Reserves

More than 17% of the land in Botswana has been put aside for establishment of both game reserves plus national parks. These areas can best be toured using Four Wheel vehicles to easy maneuver past the rough sandy grounds. Touring through these protected areas will give you an opportunity to fully explore the rich flora and diverse wildlife abundance together with the plentiful birdlife. Some of the National parks in this country include: Chobe National Park, Kgalagadi Tran-frontier National Park and Central Kalahari Game Reserve.

Kalahari Desert

Close to three quarters of the total expanse in the western part of Botswana are covered by the Kalahari Desert. The terrain is majorly featured by golden sand dunes plus huge amounts of sand together with open grasslands, shrubs, acacia-trees and landscapes with unending horizons. The habitats of this vicinity are the San community who are best at gathering fruit and hunting.

Okavango Delta

The Okavango Delta is the largest inland-Delta in the whole world. It has outstanding views and supports countless lives of wild animals among which are hippos, crocodiles, several fish species and water bucks. Through the various safari trips, you can best tour this area to the fullest.

Khama Rhino Sanctuary

The Khama Rhino Sanctuary covers a total expanse of 4300 hectares and is a haven to the small population of the remaining rhinos in the whole of Botswana. In this sanctuary you not only enjoy wonderful views of rhinos, but also other wildlife species such as leopards, jackals, wildebeests, gemsbok and the brown hyenas.


Tuli Block

The Tuli Block is found at the Far East of the country. It is in this area that the confluence of river Limpompo and river Shashe is found. The area is characterized by numerous game plus cattle farms. Many say that the topography of Tuli Block is so dissimilar to that of other regions within Botswana. The beauty of the area is made better by the rolling hills plus the at-times outrageously shaped rock plants.

Gemsbok National Park

In the south eastern part of Botswana lies the Gemsbok National Park which amazingly is gifted with a variety of animals among which are: lions, cheetahs, springboks, gemsboks and elands among others. Although this park is located in Botswana, it is accessed through the neighboring South Africa via the newly constructed Trans Kalahari Hih Africa.  This is majorly because the park lies at the border of Botswana and South Africa.


Night life in Botswana is generally very lively with quite a lot of entertainment to engage in. There are several night clubs, cinemas, bars and cafes in addition to casinos and dance halls to give you a wonderful night. Most of these night spots close late in the night and are normally well packed with several people.

If you need to travel to Botswana on holidays, honeymoon, or African safari, you’ll never be disappointed with Botswana tourism. Botswana is actually one of the best African safari destinations with impressive wildlife, interesting tourist hotels and accommodation, a variety of places to visit from national parks, to vast salt pans, and much more all included in one wholesome Botswana holidays and safari package

Botswana safari and holiday packages are readily available, and so they may be some of the best options with regards to saving money and genuinely taking advantage of your time in Botswana. Secure a good Botswana safari and tour operator and you won’t be disappointed with this South African safari.

What to see

Botswana has many national parks but the most popular is the Kgalagadi Tran frontier Conservation area that is located south of the country and its well known for its large number of resident eagles for example the black Breasted, snake along with Martial Tawny

If Botswana wildlife safaris are what you are looking for… there is much to see from northern Botswana, Moremi Game Reserve as well as Chobe National park, these are famous for both wild and bird-life. Okavango delta is an amazing attraction in Botswana, it’s among the few inland deltas in the world and the second in Africa. The most exciting aspect about this delta is that the waters of the Okavango River floors to arid Kalahari Desert thus forming a beautiful garden for both wild along with bird-life species. Regular sights on Botswana wildlife safari holidays include elephants, leopards, lions, giraffes, warthog, antelopes and so much more.

Makgadikgadi Pan Complex is also popular with pelicans, flamingos and wildlife that visit the flooded territory after the heavy rainy seasons. In case you want an experience of a Botswana wildlife safari, Botswana is the best destination in Africa that will give a perfect guide.

Matsiend Rock Carvings features some the best pieces of Botswana traditional art, counting 3,000 years ago. Gaborone is the capital city and the largest city in Botswana, but in terms of tourism there really isn’t a lot to do here. It is the city with the main airport and easy to reach with several hotels and accommodation facilities.

Botswana Travel info

You need to also take the time to obtain a Botswana holiday map, so that you can identify the places you want to tour, where to stay and the like. You can buy maps from Botswana tourism offices in Gaborone or from gift shops around the country.

Book a good and reputed Botswana safari and tours provider in case you want to make the best Botswana holiday.

When to visit

Botswana is quite dry most of the year but has a summer from November to March, perhaps the best time to visit but in case you are there for wildlife tours, May to September has slightly drier conditions, cooler weather and temperatures. Bird watching is good for December to April is an ideal time to see the migrating birdlife in the Kalahari Desert and in Makgadikgadi pans.


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