Balloon Safari Botswana

Balloon safaris in Botswana

Botswana is a country that is located in the southern part of the African continent and is famously known by tourists for its campaign to set aside the largest part of their land in order to create national parks and game reserves so that the wild life in the country is also preserved. A hot air balloon is an air craft that consists of a basket where tourists sit and a very large balloon that is suspended into air after hot air is blown into it and the hot air comes from the heat that is made used propane.

Hot air balloons are safe for tourists but you need to remember that you will not be allowed to go for the balloon ride if you do not have a tour guide with you. The trained tour guide will help steer the balloons to the right direction as they help you understand whatever you will be looking at from above like the animals and the history of the areas that you will ride over.

For all tourists heading out for a balloon ride in Botswana, there are somethings that you need to know so that you are heads on before travelling to country for example children who are sixteen years and below are not allowed to go up without the supervision of their parents, you are not allowed to go for the balloon ride if you have not paid the full price and you need to first find out the best months for when you should head out for a balloon safari in the country.

Air ventures is the one company that you should use if you ever want to enjoy your balloon safari because it is the only company that is legit in organizing the hot air balloon rides over the Okavango delta and the chobe National park.

A balloon safari is a unique way in which you can easily travel and explore many parts of Botswana and everyone should get at least one chance in the balloon because once you get there, you will always come back for another balloon safari but there are a few things that you need to carry along as you head out for the balloon ride and these include:

  • A camera and binoculars. The binoculars will help you to clearly see the animals that you will be floating above from and the camera will help you get the perfect pictures of the wild life and landscape all seen from a different angle.
  • You will need to carry different types of clothes for the weather that keeps on changing that is clothes that fit into both the warm and the cold weather. If you are not so sure about what to put on, you can ask your tour guides so that you are well prepared for the ride.
  • Before you are allowed to participate in the balloon ride, you need to present your medical fitness so that the tour guides get to know in case of an emergency.
  • The hot air balloon ride takes a specific number of people so that it is well balanced and therefore before you head out with your family you need to find out the clear details of how many numbers the rides take on in the different destinations that the balloon ride take.

A hot air balloon safari over the Okavango delta

Balloon safaris are a new trend over the Okavango delta and they offer you a unique way of viewing the whole delta from above. The Okavango delta is extremely large and has a lot to offer when it comes to balloon safaris that is viewing the landscape, animals and birds and since it is known as the jewel of Botswana, you do not want to miss the balloon ride over one of the best places to visit on the African continent. The balloon safaris over the Okavango is carried out from the months of April to September because this is the time when the weather is conducive for a balloon safari. The balloon ride over the delta takes about forty five minutes before it is over and it happens very early in the morning when the air is still. There are several camps in the Okavango delta where you can get offered some of the best experiences when it comes to balloon safaris in the Okavango delta.

  • The little Vumbura, this is located right next to the Vumbura camp and one of the best places from where one can easily view the wild life that can be found in the delta. It can easily be visited throughout the year and you can view these using the different methods and a hot air balloon ride is one of them which although it is provided after requesting for it and at an added cost. Besides the little Vumbura, the Vumbura camp as well offers tourists and especially those that are using them for accommodation.
  • The Kadizora camp which is located in the Northern part of the Okavango delta also offers its guests with a hot air balloon ride when they ask for it. The ride in this camp begins early morning and it is always over the delta where you get to see all the wild life that habitates within it.

Some of the things that you will see when you get to the Okavango delta during your balloon ride include the following:

  • Birding, this is done while one is in a hot air balloon over the Okavango delta and some of the bird species that you will see include the whistling duck, the wattled cranes, black chested snake eagle, the martial eagle, the swamp boubou, the African green pigeon, the coppery tailed coucal and the lesser jacana.
  • Animal viewing and some of the wild life that you will see when you are enjoying a hot air balloon ride over the Okavango delta include cheetahs, elephants, lions, hippos, crocodiles, buffalos, spotted hyenas, brown hyenas, zebras and many more other species.

A hot air balloon over the Chobe National Park

The Chobe National park is one of the largest and most visited parks in Botswana and even if before the park could only be explored by driving through or flying over it in a light air craft, hot air balloons have recently been introduced in the Chobe national Park and tourists are now eager to use the balloons over chobe in order to get a different feel of what the park has. The rides start from the elephant lodge which is located right in the center of the Park and it also starts in the morning when the air is still and favorable for the balloon ride. The balloon ride over chobe will give you an experience that you will not get anywhere else and some of the exciting things that you will be able to see and do and these include the following:

  • Animal viewing, a balloon ride over chobe will give you a chance to view the different animals and birds that habitate within the Chobe and these include elephants, zebras, antelopes, hippos, spotted hyenas, buffalos, the African jackals, brown hyenas, leopards and lions.
  • Birding can also be done as you enjoy your balloon ride over the Chobe National Park and the bird species that you will likely want to see include the pennant winged nightjar, the African fish skimmer, the long toed lapwing, the white Backed night heron and many more other bird species.
  • A balloon ride over the chobe will also take you to the Victoria Falls which will give you a chance to take as many photos as you want of the falls from a close range distance.

A hot air balloon safari over the Seloko plains

The Seloko plains are located next to the chobe National park as you are coming from the neighboring country of Zimbabwe. The plains can easily be reached from the Kasane reserve and it was is discovered as one of the best places for one to take a balloon ride in Botswana. It is a vast area that is filled with different wild animals and what better way to enjoy watching the animals other than by floating above them and taking all photos.

Balloon safaris are still new in Botswana and it has not yet been introduce to the different parts of the country but the Okavango delta and the Chobe National Park are the prime places where it takes place from. These two places can easily be accessed either by flying to the area or by driving to the two destinations and once you get there you will be introduced to the people who will be taking you around in a hot air balloon. You will also need to book early in order for you to get the best of your balloon safari in Botswana and after every balloon ride, you are served with some snacks and drinks before heading back to the camp.



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