Fly Fishing In Botswana

Fly fishing is a method of fishing where an artificial fly is tied on a rod that is treated and then cast into the water to get the fish. Learning how to fly fish is not quite easy but once you get to know the basic things about fly fishing, you will have fun while at it. Fly fishing is different from the normal fishing and it is all about the weight and when you go for fly fishing in Botswana, the tour guides will let you in on what you need to know before heading out for fly fishing. The most interesting thing about fly fishing in Botswana is the barbel run and this happens at different intervals at the different fly fishing destinations and this is because it is easier to catch the fish easily since they all converge in one place.

Fly fishing is all about casting and the equipment that is used is not all that important which means that you will need to learn your casting well before heading out for a fly fishing adventure in Botswana and note that most of the fish flying activities are carried by the different camps and lodges. Fishing in Botswana is seasonal and therefore you should time when the water levels are at their best to get some action during the fly fishing method.

Before you head out for fly fishing, there are equipment that you need and these include the following:

  • A fly wheel, this is used to hold the fly line and can be got from the different fish fly shops at a reasonable price.
  • You will also need flies of different sizes to really help you catch the fish.
  • You will need a leader and a tippet which are used to hold the fly into place before being cast out into the waters.
  • A fly rod and this comes in different sizes and you cannot go fly fishing without a fly rod.

When tourists go for fly fishing exercise, they are provided with soft drinks and a few snacks since the exercise sometimes takes too long to be completed and you will also need sunscreen to protect you from the sun, binoculars, light clothing and do not forget a camera to help you capture the fly fishing moment and of the fish themselves.

Fly fishing in Botswana is done by mostly adults although children from the ages of four are allowed for as long as they have adult supervision, you must always have a tour guide with you and you are always cautioned to use a life jacket for protection purposes.

Fly fishing in Botswana is in most cases carried out by the tourists for fun but it also has other benefits like it helps one keep fit and it also enriches you with the knowledge of the many fish species that habitate within the different water bodies in the country. While fly fishing, you will also be rewarded with the sights of the different animals that habitate within these parts like hippos, crocodiles, lions, elephants, hyenas and the different bird species that fly around the water bodies also in search of food in form of fish.


Fly fishing in the Okavango Panhandle

The Okavango panhandle is located in the Okavango delta and is a top fly fishing spot in Botswana. The place is filled with papyruses and a lot of fish species like the cat fish, tiger fish which can be caught at any time of the day. The winds that are experienced in the Panhandle keep on blowing the fish species to the banks where the fishermen can easily catch the fish. The best time for one to go for fly fishing in the Okavango Panhandle is the month of October because during this time the fish species are always in the shallow waters which make it extremely easy for the tourists to catch the fish.

The large nature of the Okavango delta is what makes it a perfect place for tourists to go for fly fishing and fishing here can be done when either on the Okavango River or on the many swamps that always fill up during the wet season. Fly fishing here can be done while on a Mokoro ride or on the boats that are provided by the camps and lodges in the Okavango delta.

Fly fishing in Linyanti

Linyanti is a private game reserve that is located between the Okavango Delta and the Caprivi Strip making it a hidden jewel that needs to be explored. The most commonly caught fish species is the bream fish and these can be caught on a seasonal basis. The Linyanti game reserve is crossed by the Linyanti River and during the wet season all the swamps within Linyanti are full making it easy for fly fishing to take place in the reserve. The best months for tourists to go for fly fishing in the Linyanti is from the months of May to August when the rains come in fast and the wetlands are flooded with water.

Fly fishing in Nxamaseri Island lodge

The Nxamaseri Island lodge was set up in the early 1980s by a fisherman who wanted to create a paradise for all those that love fishing and from the time that it was set up it has been the first place that all tourists go to have a relaxed time while in Botswana. It is a privately owned lodge and a one stop Centre for all those that are into fishing.

Nxamaseri Island lodge is famous among tourist for its fishing grounds that can be visited all year round. Fishermen mostly use the hook and line method when it comes to fishing and tourists who go to the Island for fishing are given equipment that they can use for fishing. Some of the commonly caught fish species on the island include the tiger fish, the cat fish and the bream fish. The lodge provides fishing equipment and boats to all the tourists but if it is not too much, it is advisable that tourists who can carry their own fishing equipment do so.

The Nxamaseri Island lodge is an all year round destination when it comes to fishing but the best time lies between the months of April and August during the wet season which is also known as the winter season but you can still go fishing in the rest of the months and while fishing you will discover some fish species that are endemic to the country.


Fly fishing in Chobe River

The Chobe Rive which is located at the border of Botswana and Zimbabwe is a home to numerous fish species that can be caught during the fish flying expeditions. The barbel run can be experienced at the Chobe River and if it is what you want to experience during the fly fishing safari, then the best time to go for fly fishing is between the months of August and September although October is the best when it comes to fly fishing in Chobe because the cold water pushes the fish species to get close to the warmer waters which makes it extremely easy for the fishermen and tourists to catch the fish. Fly fishing is normally done in boats on the chobe River and you will also need a tour guide to take you around and show you how the fly fishing is done.

Fly fishing in the Okavango Delta

Between the months of September and October, the Okavango delta experiences the Barbel runs and every tourist has to just experience this at least once in a lifetime. The Barbel run involves large numbers of fish that swim to specific parts of the River and chased down by the tiger fish which hunts them down for food. The Barbel fish species are always hunted down by chased by the tiger fish which are a favorite to fishermen. You do not want to miss out on the fun of watching the tiger fish hunt while you also hunt them down with a hook and bait.

Some of the fish species that can be caught in the Okavango Delta include the Tilapia fish species, tiger fish species, Nembwe fish species and the barbel fish species. The best time to go fly fishing for the tilapias is between the months of March to April whereas the best time to fly fish for the Nembwe is from the months of August to September. Between the months of January to February, the Okavango waters are always closed off because this is the time when the fish breed.

Fly fishing is one of the few things that you cannot miss engaging in while on a safari in Botswana because it’ll give you a chance to explore the water side of the country which is hardly touched by many tourists. You can inquire and find out the best time for you to go for fly fishing in the country.



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