Gaborone Game Reserve

Gaborone Game reserve is a small game reserve (5sq km) located in Gaborone the capital city of Botswana. It was established in 1988 and ranks number one in the list of the most visited tourist destinations in Botswana. The reserve is an excellent retreat from the hectic schedules and streets of Gaborone.  It is just 1km from Broadhurst Mall to the east


The reserve is a protected habitat for gemsbok, kudu, warthog, ostrich, eland, wildebeest, rhino, zebra, bush buck, duiker and the eland among other small mammals.

It is a good place to start birding safaris in Botswana with regular sights of hornbill, African crake, European bee eaters, kingfishers, crimson boubou shrike, snake eagle, brightly colored purple Gallinule, sand pipers, white faced duck and many other water bired that migrate to the reserve form the nearby Limpopo river swamp.


There is plenty of accommodation for tourists in Gaborone including five star hotels, self catering accommodation, guesthouses and other accommodation option in the capital. Options to choose from include safari lodges in Selemela, Citi Camp Caravan Park, Oasis Motel Gaborone Hotel and Palm Resort Gaborone, Sun city Hotel Gaborone and many other.


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July 10, 2018 at 2:30 am

Want to plan a gaborone city wild life tour



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Please give me a number or email address to book for wild life. (Game drive)



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