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Gaborone the current capital city of Botswana and it was turned into on after the country gained her independence in the year 1966. It is by far the largest city in Botswana and its name was changed from Gaberones to Gaborone and at the moment it is the commercial Centre of the country with more developed infrastructure as compared to other parts of the country. The government seat was transferred to Gaborone and many of the government offices are scattered all over Gaborone.

Gaborone is extremely safe for both tourists and locals to visit but you will still need to be careful about moving around with all your valuables because they might be taken by pickpockets especially when you are in crowded areas. It is an all year round tourist destination but in order to be on a safe side, you should first consult with your tour operator or check your calendar in order to decide exactly when one should visit Gaborone.

Getting into Gaborone is quite easy and so is getting around that is you can either use a plane of car whichever fits into your budget. The easiest way for you to get into the country is by use of a plane especially if you are coming into the country for the first time although if you are coming from the neighboring countries like south Africa, you can use a bus and for the most adventurous ones, you can drive yourself to Botswana for as long as you have the necessary paper work.

Getting into Gaborone by bus, there are several buses that you can board to get you into Gaborone but you need to always be on time because the buses are always keep time but note that they are always overcrowded and you might end up standing all throughout your journey and that is why you should carry enough water because of the crowded part, the heat can be over bearing.

Getting into Gaborone by train, there is a train that leaves Francistown every day and goes to Gaborone. The train goes up to Gaborone station which is located on the station road and from there you can enjoy all that the city has to offer.

You can also entrust your transportation to Gaborone to your tour operator who normally provides you with the best vans to take you around the Gaborone city and to the different tourist destinations that are found within the city. There are also taxis at the different airports that can take you around especially if you are in the country for a self-drive through the country.

Explore the Kgale hill

The Kgale hill which has some of the best hike routes in Gaborone should be the first tourist destination on your bucket list when you decide to visit Botswana. The best time for one to go for a hike on the Kgale hills is between 4pm and 6pm and it is not advised to go for a hike up the Kgale hills alone because you might be mugged by thieves although this is being worked upon and security has been provided for tourists who visit the hills. There are hardly any tour guides around but you should get one in order for you to be on the safe side and once you reach the top of the hills, you will be rewarded with a view of the whole Gaborone city as you enjoy the sunset.

As you climb up the Kgale hills, you will also be rewarded with the sight of a few monkeys and baboons and it being a great land mark in Gaborone, all tourists should not miss the chance of visiting these hills because they are one of the few hilly areas in the country since the country is generally flat.

The Gaborone game reserve

The Gaborone Game is not as big as other game reserves that can be found in Botswana but it is a home to many animal species. Due to its small nature, you can easily go for a self-drive around and enjoy the view from animals like Kudus, giraffes, ostriches, cheetahs, baboons, monkeys, wild boars, warthogs, zebras and many more others. There are also some bird species that can be seen in the reserve and these normally drop in during the wet season and some of the most seen birds include the egrets, lesser flamingo, African hornbill and many more other species.

The Mokolodi game reserve

Mokolodi game reserve is best known for the large number of cheetahs that habitate within its vast landscape and you can actually get a chance of seeing and petting some of the cheetahs in Mokolodi and other animal species that habitate here include baboons, monkeys, elephants, hippos and Zebras . Besides animal viewing, there are several other activities that you can engage in when you visit the Mokolodi Game reserve and these include birding, trekking through the reserve, visiting the local people and cycling.

When you get to the Mokolodi game reserve, you are at least required to sign in the Mokolodi nature reserve form so that the authorities get to know the exact activities that you will be carrying out while there. It is always open to the public but the best time for you to go for the game drives is during the dry season.

The Khutse Game reserve

The Khutse Game reserve is located in the Gaborone city and one of the places that you must visit in order for you to enjoy your stay in Gaborone. Some of the animals that you can see in the Khutse Game reserve include lions, gemsbok, leopards, ostriches, jackals, giraffes and zebras. It also has a salt pan that can you can explore especially during the dry season before it floods and when the reserve becomes too dry, the animals migrate to the Okavango Delta or the Chobe National Park in search of water and food. You will however need to first find out from your tour operator the best time for you to visit the reserve.

Visit the National museum and Art gallery

This is located in the Centre of the city and the best place for one to especially those that love art and those that want to learn about the culture and history of Botswana. There is a collection of photos that showcase some of the animals that are found in the different parks in Botswana, there are also historical photos that show Botswana during the colonial times and after her gaining her independence.

Explore the Gaborone dam

This is located at the only water body that is located within the city and it is the only one that is mostly used to service the whole of Gaborone especially when it comes to recreational purposes. The water from the Gaborone dam is not safe to drink and most people believe that it causes Bilharzia and not forgetting the large colony of crocodiles that swim and laze around it. Some of the activities that you can carry out when you visit the Gaborone include the

Gaborone being the capital city of Botswana has many accommodation facilities but the best determinant of which type of accommodation that you will need to use is your budget. The accommodation facilities in Gaborone are categorized into three that is the budget accommodations, mid-range accommodations and luxury accommodation facilities.

The three chiefs’ monument

The three chiefs’ monument was donated to Botswana by the Korean government and it marks the time when the three chiefs that is chief Bathoen, chief Khama III and chief Sebele went to Britain to ask the British to rule them directly instead of being ruled by Cecil Rhodes. After their brave trip to London, they were honored and Botswana received the protection that they had asked for. There are several locals who live around the monuments and they will give you a clear history story about the three chiefs and Botswana as a country.

Visit the Lion Park Resort

The lion Park Resort is a top tourist destination in Gaborone and it was the first amusement park to be built in Gaborone. It is not really your usual amusement Park but it is an extremely good place for you to visit especially if you travelled with children. You will also be able to do various activities like walking around the park, enjoying the rides and you get to see the world’s predator the lion being fed behind the cages.

Take a walk to the Seretse Khama statue

Sir Seretse Khama was the first president of Botswana after she gained her independence and the statue was put up in his honor. He formed the first political party in the country which joined all the different ethnic tribes which unified Botswana. He was made a knight in the year 19991 by the Queen Elizabeth II. It is also a way for tourists to get to know more about Botswana and her history before and after colonial times.


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