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Savuti also spelt as Savute is one of the best National Parks in Botswana and is found between the Chobe National Park and the Okavango Delta. The expanse nature of Savuti is good for tourists as animals move freely around making it easy for them to be spotted. It is a home to a huge number of wild life species which can be viewed at any time of the year that you visit Botswana. Savuti is also known to have prolonged droughts and this causes the animals to start hunting down each other as the water sources are always dried up and the pasture within Savuti dries up which leads to many animals starving. The management has tried to put up artificial waterholes in order to save the animal species within the country.

Savuti was named after the Savuti Channel which flows into the Okavango River and is the main source of water in the Savuti National park. The loins and elephants make up the largest number of animals that habitate within the Park and the drives that are carried out within Savuti are the best ways in which one can enjoy the rare sightings of interactions between the huge mammals and the world’s number one predator.

The Savuti has two seasons that is the wet and dry season and both are high determinants as to when tourists should actually visit Savuti. The dry season starts in May and ends in October and during this period, the hottest month is September and you should brace yourself for the heat especially in the afternoons. This is the best time for one to go for game drives through the National Park because during this time the animals can easily be spotted trekking to the water holes that have not yet dried up in search of water, trek through the park and go for hikes.

The wet season begins in the month of November to April. Birding is mostly done during this period which is also referred to as the green season and this is also the time when the Zebra migration is experienced in the Savuti.

Game drives through Savuti, game drives through Savuti give you an opportunity to see and admire the large number of wild species that roam Savuti although you will need a 4×4 wheel drive to get through the park and since it is commonly known for predators you will be able to enjoy these animals and if you are lucky, you might be able to see one while they are hunting. Some of the animals that you will see when you get to the Savuti include impalas, giraffes, elephants, lions, leopards and these can be spotted lying around in trees, kudus, hyenas, baboons, zebras, hippos, wild dogs, antelopes and many more others.

Photo safaris in Savuti, Savuti is a great place for tourists to go for photo safaris because of the vast nature of the landscape that is always filled with wild life and the vast vegetation. It is the perfect place for photo safaris because they have natural hides where you can get some of the best shots when it comes to taking photos of the whole park.

  • The sunken hide, this is located at the Manchwe pans offering the best view of the whole Savuti area especially elephants and other animals that roam the Savuti National Park.
  • The long pile hide, this is the best place for tourists to view the herds of elephants as they move from one place to another and an ardent photographer will get the best chance to take all the close up photos of these huge animals from the different angles but you should be aware of the water that is flushed from their trunks. Note that they are not always around the long pile hide and you will need to first confirm if it is the right season and both the long pile and sunken hide are also good for birding.

Enjoy birding in Savuti, Savuti is majorly known for being a home to some of the largest flying birds in the country. The best time for one to go to Savuti for birding is during the wet season which runs from November to March due to the many birds that flock into the area from other countries. Some of the beautiful bird species that you get to see in Savuti include secretary birds, Queleas, the Kori bustard,

Visit the neighboring chobe National Park and the Okavango delta, the chobe Park is the best National park in Botswana and due to its close proximity to Savuti, it can easily be accessed due to the fact they are both not fenced and viewing the numerous animals that habitate within the chobe will be an added bonus. Joining the two places will be worth your time as you get to be entertained what the chobe and Savuti has to offer to tourists. The Okavango delta on the other hand with its unique nature is also a destination that you do not want to miss out when you go to Botswana and what better way to do this other than by joining your safari trip to Savute with the Okavango delta.

Camping within the Savute, even though the Savute is commonly known for her large number of predators it is still a great place for tourists to go camping especially if you want to experience the wild from a different perspective. You will need to first find out which places are good and safe for camping from the game rangers and you should note that camping is only done during the dry season and remember to carry some warm clothes because the nights become cooler.

Take nature walks through Savuti, the nature walks within the Savuti are only carried out if you are escorted with an experienced and armed tour guide and on these walks, you get a closer feel of the animals especially the small ones that you might have missed while driving through the Park and it is a better way to connect with nature. The best time to go for the nature walks is during the dry season and in the morning hours before the heat becomes unbearable.

Enjoy the Zebra migration in the Savuti which takes place at the beginning of the wet season in November. The Zebra migration is the second largest animal migration on the African continent and these animals can be seen moving around the Savuti because during this time, the Savuti is filled with great vegetation that is pasture for the Zebras and the only way you get to take photos of the zebra herds and marvel at the beautiful sight is by grabbing a bag and heading down to Savuti.

The wet season comes with the birth of many animals and if you have never met any baby animals then this is your one chance to do so. It is a breeding time and a few of the baby animals that you will get to see include baby Zebras, hyenas, baboons, monkeys, baby kudus, elephants, impalas, giraffes, wild dogs and many more others.

Enjoy night drives through the park, just like game drives during the day, you will also need to have a 4×4 car which will enable you to easily drive through Savuti and warm clothes since the nights tend to be cooler. The management at Savuti will need to be informed about the night drives prior to tour arrival and some of the animals that prowl Savuti at night include the spotted genet, bush bay, pangolins, aardwolf and the spring hares.

Go for boat cruises in Savuti, this is one of the many activities that is done during the wet season on the Savuti channel due to the increase in the water levels in the Park and this can be carried out all throughout the day whether morning, evening or in the afternoons and while on the boat cruise you can engage in the fly fishing, birding and watching the many aqua animals but do not forget to put on a life jacket before getting on the boat to tour the whole of Savuti.

Take cultural walks to the villages, the locals who live around Savuti are always welcoming people to tourists and other visitors and a walk to the villages will make you understand more about the culture that is preserved, practiced and the different traditions that are practiced by them.

Getting to Savuti is quite easy and it is up to you to choose what you are going to use when it comes to transportation. Most people either hire cars and go for self-drives or you can let your tour operator deal with transportation to Savute. If you are in a hurry and want to get to Savute on time, you can use air transportation by using a light aircraft that lands in the neighboring town of Kasane before continuing with a simple drive to the park.

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