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Tuli Game Reserve Botswana

Tuli Block and its game reserves are found in the south eastern part of Botswana in an area stretching 350km long and more than 10km wide known as Tuli Block. This narrow stretch occupies the fringes of Limpopo and Sashe river in the east joining with Notwane river in the north and Olifant drift from the southern end.


Tuli Block collectively includes the private game reserves in the north such as

Mashatu Game


, Ntani private game reserve and

Northern Tuli game reserve

near the

Limpopo River

.  The outstanding features of Tuli block area are the rocky outcrops, huge stones/pebbles, rare vegetation, gigantic trees and shrubs along the dry river beds and abundant wildlife. The

Mashatu trees

(Nyala) are a distinct tree species unique to this area in addition to fever trees, sesam and other poisonous species that grow on the outcrops.

Tuli Game Reserve

This Botswana wildlife reserve stretches over three game reserves in the northern part of Tuli block on the banks of Limpopo River covering an area of over 100,000 hectares. Animals roam freely in the game reserve between Motloutse and Limpopo river beds including herds if elephants, lions, giraffes, leopards, spotted hyenas, baboons, bushbucks, kudu, zebras, cheetahs, bat eared fox, mashatu eland, wild dog, porcupines, civets, genets and aardwolves among other plains game.

In addition are more than 350 species of different birds such as ground thrush, shrike, cormorants, kingfishers, waders, boulder chats and others. All this is seen on adventure horse rides, cycling and guided walking safari. Visit

Mashatu game lodge

and you’ll not be surprised by the visiting elephant herds.

Tuli safari lodges and Accommodation

In such an abundant wildlife region,

Botswana game lodges

and accommodation are numerous with excellent overnight facilities.

Tuli Safari Lodge Botswana

is famous for its horse riding excursions, exquisite rooms, guided walking trails in the reserve and of course game drives. Luxury safari camping is available from

Mashatu Main Camp

, Mashatu tented camp, Nitani Safari Lodge, Tuli Lodge and several Tuli bush camps.