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Bungee Jumping in Africa

This activity is done worldwide in different continents and Africa is one of them. It involves jumping from a high structure tied with an elastic cord around their feet for support. After the jump you are lifted up back to the top.The high place from where you jump from in most cases it’s a fixed structure like a bridge, building, tower, or crane however, some people also jump from helicopters or hot air balloons which hover them above the ground.

In Africa, bungee jumping is mainly common in South Africa especially on the Bloukrans Bridge, on Zimbabwe’s Victoria Falls, in Uganda at the Nile High Bungee in Jinja, in Kenya at the Rapids Camp – Sagana among other places in South Africa and other African Countries.

The Bloukrans Bridge – South Africa
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This bridge is among the world’s highest bungee areas ranking third, it is found in South Africa. It means that when you take the step to pump your adrenalgland, you will jump froma 216m high bridge. It is Africa’s first and highest bridge for Bungee, and under management of Face Adrenalin since 1997. It is located in Garden Route’s Tsitsikamma area, at the border between the Western Cape and Eastern Cape along the N2 Highway.

You can access the bridge by road on the highway, it offers one of the scenic and unforgettable bungee jumps not only in South Africa but also the world at large. Bungee jumping here can be enjoyed all year round there is no specific time for visiting.

When you are done with the bungee jump, you can’t worry of where to spend the night since there are a number of accommodation options in this area such as the community based Tsitsikamma Forest Village established to support the surrounding communities. Also the main food here is sea food, well there are other food types.

The bungee jump cost on Bloukrans Bridge ranges from one operator to another, and this can be between R400 andR750per person. Bungee jumping is done throughout the year however the best time is from November to March (summer months).

Apart from the Bloukrans Bridge, there are other places in South Africa to enjoy bungee jumping such as the Orlando Towers in Soweto, Gouritz Bridge in Gouritz, and Bungee Mogale in Krugersdorp.

The Victoria Falls – Zimbabwe Bungee Jumping

Found at the border of Zimbabwe and Zambia, the jump is located at the main bridge on the Zambezi gorge a few meters from the mighty Victoria Falls. Jumping from this 111 metres (364ft) bridge is thrilling and helps you overcome your adrenalin and get an elation.

The activity can be done all year round and this is based on the weather conditions which are always favorable. The supervising team is always available from 0900hours to 1600hours hence you can jump at any time you feel like.

When you are done with the jump, with all the adrenaline and energy you would want a cold drink or food so the Bridge Café is an ideal place to relax from, it is a thatched and open air platform near the bridge. You can’t miss out on tasting the fantastic burger served here. And concerning accommodation you are advised to stay in the facilities in Livingstone a town in Zambia.

The minimum age required to bungee jump is 14years with signed consent from parent/legal guardian. However, in most cases people above 18years are advised to jump and the minimum weight required is between 40kgs and 140kgs being the maximum weight.

Nile High Bungee – Uganda

This is one of Uganda’s best spectacular sites located in found in the eastern part of Uganda in Jinja district. It is safe to bungee jump from here because this fun and thrilling adventure has been going on for the last 25years. The bungee tower has extraordinary views and usually when the tower is not in use many Velvet monkeys can be spotted standing against the Nile.

Jumping off this tower meaning you are heading to the world’s longest river hence the views of forested islands, birds are sensational. The Nile High Tower is 44meters and this gives jumpers an unforgettable chance to touch the water – a single water splash in the River Nile is incredible on your first bounce.

The cords used at the Nile Bungee Tower are made of high quality white latex rubber which is used by best underwear manufacturers worldwide. As you jump its optional for you to touch the water or stop short. Bu there is nothing as interesting as always saying on your first jump you jumped 44m and also touched the longest River in the world.

The minimum weight is 40kgs, this means that if you are afraid to take the jump alone, you could come with a friend and jump together since the tower can jump about 235kgs at once. The famous way of taking the jump is by teeing the ankle, however there is another of full-body harness.

The bungee jump in Jinja costs $115 per person, you could have three jumps at $165, or enjoy adventure at its best – bungee jump combined with white water rafting on Bujagali Falls at $195; this service is given by the management of Adrift Adventure Company. Minimum age allowed is 13years with legal guardians consent.

Bungee Jumping Sagana – Kenya

Jumping at the Rapid Camp is an adrenaline pumping activity found in Sagana. The bungee jump involves you diving from a 60m structure with an elastic cord tied to your back; it’s a thrilling experience as you fall observing the spectacular views.

Sagana is located approximately 100km/62mi from Nairobi. It is a small town located at the foot of Mount Kenya along a small plain. Here is where you find River Tana which is Kenya’s longest river 630mi or 1014km long. It hosts a number of bird species, various wildlife and its scenery is breathtaking. At Sagana you find the best bungee jumping experience.

The bungee jump is conducted at the tower above Tana River, so ensure that the cord tied on you is firm to support you as you dive from 60m high tower.

You are advised to make prior booking and make payments to confirm your booking. This means that showing up for the bungee the camp without payments is not a confirmation.

What to pack/carry for bungee jumping

  • Running/Hiking shoes
  • Warm clothes in winter between April and August (Victoria Falls and South Africa)
  • Insect repellent
  • Sunscreen/Sunblock
  • Hat
  • Comfortable clothing

A few tips to that can help…

  • Remember to remove your accessories and jewellery that you wouldn’t want to lose during the jump
  • The jump doesn’t need any experience and skills but you will need to prepare for it. i.e. it is good for you to take a bath before you jump
  • To secure the bungee jump, you are tied with the cord tightly on your ankles, this can lead to swelling or brushing hence it’s important that you have arnica oil and also an icepack to use after the jump.