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The Bloukrans Bungee

It always takes one, two to bungee, when it comes to falling off the Bloukrans Bridge, it means you are about to safely jump 216m deep the gorge. As far as the adrenalin goes, you will not get better than this. And also the beautiful sounds doesn’t hurt too.

What you need to know!

This Bloukrans River also forms the border which is between the provinces of Western Cape and the Eastern Cape. This bridge is at 216m and it’s the highest bridge bungee jump in the whole world. It attracts those seeking adventure from all over the world. It’s located along the scenic Garden route that offers one of the most scenic bungee jumps with in South Africa and the world large.

This bungee operation is operated by Face Adrenalin, which is a member of the southern Africa Tourism Association. These are also specialists with bungee jumping in South Africa and they put safety first with all the equipment’s as they conform to the international Standards as well as the highly trained and experienced staff members that ensure that you enjoy the jump of your lifetime.

This is the most popular adventure activity at this bridge and there are many other rides, swings as well as jumps, including the addition towards the bloukrans bungee safari menu: it’s usually a thrilling 200m flying fox cable slide, it’s also known as the foofie slide with in South Africa)

The other option will be a tour of the Bloukrans Bridge, which is the largest span concrete arch bridge in the whole world. This safari will take you along the designed catwalk to the top of the arch where you will look out over the gorge towards the mountains and the sea in the distance.

Again your adventure safari will not stop here. You will find tons of fun from the Bloukrans Bridge to the storms River. You will also enjoy; sea kayaking, hiking, canopy walks, shark cage diving, zip lining and many more. You will also have a stop in a Tsitsikamma National Park in order to complete the journey and discover why the Eastern Cape is truly one of the most beautiful provinces in South Africa.

About the travel tips & the planning Info

The Contacts

Getting there

The Bridge is easily accessed by road and it’s situated on the N2 which is close to Plettenberg Bay and is well sign posted near the road.


Best time visiting

The bloukrans Bungee is operated all year round as well as the weather permits

The surrounding Area

It’s also known that the country’s prime wilderness place, the famous Tsitsikamma is a heaven of those tourists who enjoy the outdoor activities as well as the adventurous pursuits.

About the Cost

The Bloukrans Bridge bungee jump costs R620 per person in the region.

What is required to be packed?

  • The comfortable hand wearing clothing’s
  • Hat
  • Sun screen

About where to stay

There are many accommodation options found in the area, and some of these include the Tsitsikamma Forest Village, which is a community based development trust that was established to benefit the disadvantaged Tsitsikamma communities.

About what to eat

There is much fresh sea food which is specifically noted in the area.









The main five (5) bungee jumping spots in South Africa.

Filled with the diverse as well as beautiful landscapes, outdoor activities and the welcoming local people, South Africa is known to be a first class destination. This is very true due to the crazy adrenaline junkies of the world. As you stand at the edge of the high structure with the ground below shows mixed feelings; you can feel the thrill as well as the uncomfortable sensation with in the pants for the other participants! Below are some of the Bungee Jumping destinations in South Africa.

  1. The Bloukrans Bridge near the storms River

This bridge is known as the highest bungee in the whole world and it’s from a manmade structure and it’s noted in the Guinness book of records, it’s also noted that a fall from this bridge will get your adrenal gland pumping at a high speed since its 216m dropping down the towards the storms River, this means that your will go a long way to make you feel secure. The instructors at this bridge are very qualified and even though they make several jokes, they will never disappoint you.

  1. The Bungee Mogale, Krugersdorp

This one is at the Kings Kloof Bridge in Krugersdorp in Mogale city where you can have a thrilling adventure of the bungee jump which is 50m down wards; and you can also catch the scent of the fresh foliage. The bungee area has been open since 2005 and it has got much paraphernalia that can be purchase as part of the bungee package like the branded T-shirts, footage for the jump and the caps. The other many activities available here include; the foofy slide as well as the bridge swing. The bookings are required if you are part of a large group with ten or many more people and there is no tandem jumping allowed.

  1. The Orlando Towers in Soweto

These towers that are so cooling in Soweto and were converted into the world’s first vertical adventure centre and also offers very exciting activities form the SCAD free falling towards the abseiling as well as bungee jumping to the rappelling down. Bungee jumping in this area is selling so much and in case you want to experience this, you will be required to take a giant lift up to the rim of the tower, and here you will pause to get your own breath back as you view land scape of Johannesburg spreading down on you.  Just from here, you will climb high onto the walk way in between the two towers and this is 100m above the ground. And after the brief lecture by the instructors, you will now be ready to jump between the colourful decorated towers.

  1. The cable car in Cape town but no longer available

This will charge 25.47% for every second in the free fall. The table mountain is also one of the new 7 wonders of Nature, as well as the land mark with in the city of Cape Town. You will adventure the thrill of bungee jumping from these cable car which will transport the guests between the bottom of the plateau and the table mountain. You will also enjoy the beautiful nature reserve which will spread out below you as well as the wind sending the chills down on your spine as you take the first step into the air that is empty.

More so, the table mountain Aerial cableway company closed all its bungee jumping activities, but nothing can stop you from tying yourself a rope and then try your great luck down.

  1. Gouristz Bridge in Gouritz

This Grouritz bridge bungee jump is about 65m and when you are at the top, you will be looking down at the swirling, cold waters of the Gouritz River. Here, you will have much time of taking a deep breath before going off the edge and also have a few seconds of exhilarating laughter, crying and screaming before the bungee cord pushes you back up. And if you prefer a bridge swing, it’s also available. There are also many tour operators offering bungee jumping at Gourtiz and also be sure to look for those that offer a package in conjunction with the bungee jump like the shark cage diving.

About the best time to go bungee jumping.

And the best time for going bungee jumping with in South Africa is mostly during the summer months from November to March.

The Bragging Rights

About the rebellious child, you finally have a good rebuttal to your mum’s and if everyone jumped off a bridge, would you and the question is even if it’s 10 years too late.

The cost

The cost also varies from one operator to another operator, so it’s advisable to budget between R300 to R600 for the single jump which is approximately $40 – $80.

The insider tips to follow

  • You also don’t need to prepare for the jump since there are no skills necessary, though having a bath before the jump is a good for you
  • Remember to remove the jewellery as well as accessories that you wouldn’t want to lose.
  • The bungee jump is also secured tightly to your ankles and this will lead to brushing as well as swelling, this means that you need to keep an ice pack as well as arnica oil in handy since you will use them after.

You also need to learn that bungee jumping may have been so inspired by a famous tribe living on the Islands of Vanuata who used to practice what is called Naghol that means land diving.